Countdown to SL10B Community Celebration Continues

The theme of SL10B Community Celebration is "Looking Forward, Looking Back."  Some people have taken this theme literally and others have used it as a jumping off point for their own creativity.  Everyone is celebrating the opportunity Second Life offers for creativity, community and commerce.

It all started with a cube right?

Some builders don't want their SL10B CC parcels photographed have placed enormous cubes over everything.  It is tempting to peer inside to learn about the big secret but (so far) I have resisted the urge to cam in to see what is going on. I will wait until the big reveal on Opening Day.

Other people are only too happy to tease with pretty objects, floating prims and text to tell you all about their SL activities.

Some kind people have rides!  For some reason I have always loved carousels and SL10B has a few for your riding pleasure.

Have I mentioned that SL10B Community Celebration begins on 6/16?  I will let you in on a little secret - 6/16 also happens to be my 6th Rez day.  How kind of the entire SL community to throw itself a birthday party starting on my own Rez Day!  I know how I will celebrate too. I intend to listen to some live music and enjoy what is under those big prims.

SL10B Community Celebration is Coming Soon

I am wandering around the SL10B Community Celebration sims and watching as people build and shape parcels. There is so much activity and movement going on! Things are changing daily and who knows what the exhibits will look like when the party gets started.  All I know is it is going to be one fantastic celebration.

I thought I would share some in progress pictures to whet your appetite and get you thinking about joining the biggest party in Second Life beginning June 16th and running through June 29th. For more information please read the SL10B Community Celebration blog.  There is a photo contest that all of you creative types should check out.  The blog is the best place to find updates and interesting happenings including the photo of the day!  Its really worth stopping by the SL10B website often as we get closer to the event.

There are so many builds under construction! I was able to tour a small area of the 20 sims that will be part of the celebration.  I saw exhibits in progress by people engaged in activity that has been going on for many years like snail races.

I saw an under construction parcel that will showcase my friends Whiskey Monday and Botgirl Questi's Single Frame Story project.

I found this adorable vignette of a sleeping Snow White and the 7 garden gnomes that had me grinning from ear to ear.  

The SL Birthday celebration has always been my favorite annual event. It is a place where the best of Second Life can be found and where I always learn about new things.  Yes, there will be lag and there will be builds that do not interest me in particular.  But the very thing that does not spark my interest may be the single thing that makes your heart sing. Just like Second Life itself, the Community Celebration is huge and messy and full of all kinds of people doing wonderful crazy things.  When you go you will sift through the sands of more than 20 sims and hundreds of performances to find the diamonds that make you happy.

I am really looking forward to the party.  I hope to see you there!

SL10B Photo Contest - Winning photos to be viewed by tens of thousands in Second Life!

SL10B Team is thrilled to announce its first of two-photo contest this year in celebration of Second Life 10th Birthday

The Second Life community encompasses many incredibly talented people from around the world who have displayed their skills in various forms across the grid over the past ten years.   This year the SL10B Team thought - “What better way to involve the residents  in the celebration than to hold two photo contests?” These will allow the  Second Life community to be creative in expressing this year’s  “Looking Forward, Looking Back” theme.

The enjoyment of photography to express yourself and to have fun is all you need to enter, with categories for photographs simply taken inworld, and photographs that have been edited out of world with software such as Photoshop, Gimp or getpaint.

Contest 1: BEFORE the Birthday Celebrations
Contest opens  Friday May 3, 2013
Contest ends Thursday, June 6, 2013 midnight

SL10B Second Life Community Celebration Photo Contest 1

Theme: “Looking Forward, Looking Back” Ten Years of Second Life

Photographs submitted by the second life community should illustrate SL10 theme  “Looking Forward, Looking Back”  over the past 10 years. Deadline for the contest: June 6th 2013.

- Submit a maximum of two photographs per avatar name
- Photos must NOT show the SL10B Community Celebration regions
- Explore the virtual world of second life community for the perfect picture that represents
   the theme.
- Pictures must be posted in the flickr group “SL10B Community Celebration Photo Contest”:
- Competitors must indicate whether the photograph is Category A (using only the tools
   available within the browser) or Category B (using tools outside the viewer, such as photo
  editing software).
-  SL10B Celebration Team reserve the rights to use photograph submissions for event advertisement.
-  Photos must be PG, make it family friendly keep it clean and FUN or risk disqualification.
-  No text on photos.
-  Deadline of submission of picture is June 6th, 2013, midnight SLT


Review blogs in Second Life

Recently I have had several people ask me to review products and join their blogger groups.  Before I talk about this I want to say very clearly Dutchie specifically said "these are not for you to blog" when she gave me copies of her fantastic mesh plants. I blogged them because I liked the product very much and I had been thinking about how much I love mesh items for their enhanced detail and low prim counts. Generally speaking I do not consider myself a blogger who reviews products.

It always makes me feel a little weird when people ask me to review things.  I never know what to say and the idea of saying "this is great you should buy it" makes me laugh.  You are all a clever lot and if you need new clothes or a chair you know how to find those items in 15 different ways.

I write to express myself not to seek the favor of designers or to try and get people to give me review copies of gizmos. The world is full of blogs with sponsors and people who provide marketing services for talented SL content creators.  I am flattered by the interest people have expressed but I prefer to to engage in that kind of thing.  

An evocative image from Second Life

Today I was flying around the LEA sims and I came across the place above.  It is called "A Forest" and I honestly did not have enough time to learn much more about it than that.  I loved the feeling it evoked and I hope to go back so I can properly credit the artist and learn more about the installation.

For now I will let the image speak for itself.  If it isn't obvious this is a photo that will be more enjoyable if you click it to make it much larger.

I completely and totally love mesh in Second Life - New Dutchie Mesh Plants

In the great Five Islands land swap of 2013 I moved from my half of Harbour to the south east corner of Edloe Island. There were many different things that went into this decision for me, some personal and some financial. In the end I gave up a few prims and spend a bit less.  Being on the main island forces me out of my hermit ways a little and that is a very good thing.  So all good.

I have been terraforming and landscaping and setting up the parcel in a way that makes me happy.  Of course I will constantly fool with it because as it turns out creating space in SL is something I quite enjoy. I have come a long way from my "why bother with a house in SL because I have one in RL" days.  I still don't do bathrooms and it my current house didn't come with a kitchen I probably would not have one of those either. Still, I like the whole house/land/garden thing. Who would have thought?

I am finding myself drawn to mesh for so many things.  The level of detail available and the low prim cost mean I can do so much more than I used to be able to with prim and sculpted items.  It is some kind of grand Linden Lab conspiracy I tell you!  I have a whole inventory of things and I want to toss everything and replace it all with meshy goodness.  Ok its not a conspiracy. Rather it is the evolution of SL and it is a fabulous thing.  

Today Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie furniture dropped a whole bunch of her mesh plants on me as a lovely gift. I am not really a reviewer kind of blogger but in all honesty these plants are so amazing I wanted to share.  The plants are highly detailed and the texturing is amazing. I was under the impression mesh objects are not modifiable but I was able to size the plants up and down and tint the pots. These plants are mod/copy and only 2 LI for 169L.  What a great deal, right? 

Head over to Dutchie Furniture or find her creations on the Marketplace . I do recommend going to the store because Dutchie has so great animations built into her furniture which are impossible to appreciate until you try them yourself. 

SL 10 Birthday Community Celebration Invitation

The SL Birthday parties are always my favorite annual events.  I love the messy creativity and the jubilant celebration of our community. I love how people from the many distinct Second Life communities come together to celebrate the platform that allows us to create our own worlds.

You see, I firmly believe that Second Life is not one world. Rather it is many different worlds that bounce off each other and intersect at various points in time to create a cacophony of community that is like a big family. We rejoice in each other, hate each others actions, show off pictures of our lives to anyone who will stop to listen while we grow our businesses and our families and experience our lives.

Once a year we stop to come together as that big crazy family to celebrate all we are together and all we hope to be in the coming year.  The SL 10B Community Celebration's theme this year is "Looking Forward, Looking Back" and it promises to be a fabulous party.  You can read all about the event on the website at this link.  

If you are at all like me you see the applications for participation in these grid wide events and think "I am not a talented builder and these parcels are for people who have more to say than I do" and you close the link without participating as a content creator.  I am going to ask you not to do that this year.  Every single one of us has something to bring to the SL10B,  Even you, even me.  You don't have to be a top name in content creation or a leading musician to have an impact. Some of my favorite parts of past birthday celebrations were made by unknown to me people doing unexpected things.

So please go to the website and take a moment to think about how you can bring what is uniquely you to the SL10B Community Celebration.  Think about your SL past and what it means to you and contemplate where you hope your SL future will take you.  Then fill out the application and become part of the biggest party on the grid.

Here is a link to the application page.    You can be an exhibitor or you can host a talk about just about anything.  You can perform music or even create a participatory performance art piece. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination and your willingness to put your fears aside and jump in to the creative end of the pool.  Come on in!  The water is fine.

Sometimes the best I can do is a list

As I was enjoying the quiet of the morning and thinking about blogging my mind jumped from one thing to another and then back again.  I am having trouble concentrating well enough to write but I need to dump some things from my head so I can move on.  Since a cogent post full of insight with a taste of self effacing humor is well beyond me right now I am going to revert to that old blogger trick of a list.

Linden Lab is offering discounts to a set of hand picked educational organizations.  You remember them? The very groups LL took discounts away from a while back are now being courted back to Second Life with the promise of a price benefit.  This move is being touted by the faithful as a "step in the right direction." I agree!  That is if the right direction is poorly thought out strategy, executed in secret and communicated via a leak to New World Notes instead of an actual policy statement by the Lab. Way to go! (idiots)

There is a blogger meme where people are confessing 7 things others don't know about them.  I will give it a shot.  A list within a list!  How meta.
1) I worry every day the nodes in my neck are bigger.  Living with cancer is a bitch.
2) My 16 year old daughter is beautiful and brilliant. She has a lovely singing voice.
3) My 14 year old son is a genius (no really he is -- the school people told me so, I am not just bragging.) His eyes are the color of the Caribbean and right now he aspires to be a pro League of Legends player.
4) I am still looking for work in SL that makes me excited again. I have had several offers I have turned down or been inattentive to due to health concerns and/or apathy.  I am sorry. Its me not you.
5) Since I have been over sharing here since 2007 there is nothing you don't already know.
6) I became a vegetarian in September.  Looking at meat grosses me out now.
7) I routinely write blog posts I don't publish because I so often make people upset without meaning to do so.

Taaa Daa.  (yawn)

Someone I have grown to call a friend is in the middle of medical stuff that is expected to lead to a cancer diagnosis.  I am happy to be able to help if I can because I have been down this road.  I am worried right along with my friend. This shit is hard and I hate it.

I miss my SL partner. That is a long story but it is over and done and she is no longer in world.  At least not when I am.  It is okay. Life goes on.

My husband is in England visiting his father this week. My hat is off to single parents. This week I woke my children up late for school twice. I also forgot I had to pick up my son from Technology club and I was half an hour late.  The worst mom in the world award goes to me.  You may judge me but it won't be any harder than I judge myself for my failings. Have at it.

I love my job.  I work with brilliant scientists and my boss is genuinely a wonderful person who takes time to mentor and teach. She is not afraid to be her genuine self with me and it is a privilege to work with her.  Our organization is going through some big changes and I worry that she will retire because honestly dealing with some of the executives is a challenge. If she leaves I will lose the best mentor I have had in my career.  *worry, worry.  fret, fret*

I am building out my land again. This time I am layering color and texture and thinking of it like painting.  I have no idea what I am doing but it is fun and so far I think it looks pretty.  Crap put a giant bird on my tree house and I think it is my favorite part of the build.  I need to take a bunch of pictures and share them. I will do that when I lay down the rest of the landscaping.

Please feel free to stop by if you like.  I have 120 minute auto return so photographers can rez a pose stand or props or whatever.  I love visitors so search your map for Harbour and TP over. I am on the East and Lalo Telling's land on the west. We have a small memorial out for him so if you want remember our dear friend for a moment or two that would be wonderful.