So, How Private Are You? Lanna asks, I answer

My dear friend Lanna wrote a post asking "How private are you?" Before I respond to her question I ask that you add her blog to your blog reader. Lanna is a gifted and thoughtful writer and is, like me, coming back from a blogging hiatus. Lanna was the New World Notes Events writer before I got the job and I have her to blame/thank for helping me land the gig.

But back to the question - how private am I? I think the answer is not at all and very at the same time.

With about 5 minutes work anyone with basic Google skills could find my RL name, address and probably where I went to college. You could learn about my health and my children and most anything you cared to know. I am sure most people would find my life spectacularly uninteresting. I work, I raise my kids, I pay the mortgage and occasionally I run off to the Infusion Center to keep my cancer in check. I am a privileged white suburban mom who is well aware of how lucky I am in life.

Still, there are so many things going on with me that I quite literally do not share with anyone. Not my husband. Not my sister. Not anyone. I am deeply introverted, despite all evidence to the contrary and while that tendency manifests mostly by a dislike of big social gatherings and a regular need to shut myself off from the world to just be, it also means I have a really hard time opening up. Some things are just mine and its not that I can't share, its more like I don't feel the need to do so.

I am not sure if that makes sense to the world or not.

This week has been hard. Multiple conflicts arose in weird ways. I can't make sense of my world and I can't put my finger on why. I am sure I will figure it out in time but I am equally sure I won't share with anyone.

So how private am I?  I would say I am open about a lot of things and superficially my life is an open book but the deep stuff is locked in a vault.

Pretend Sailing in Second Life

I am a terrible sailor. I can't seem to find the wind and get from point A to point B without meandering all over the place or occasionally running aground. Still, I find messing around with sailboats enormously relaxing. Occasionally when I find myself stressed out I rez a boat, find some open water, put on a bikini that fits perfectly and does not make me feel fat and sail the open seas of Second Life. Oddly, it helps.

I happened upon a super cute, free Nemo 3 today and if you want your very own you can TP to this dock and pick it up.

Unfortunately you can't rez the boat right where you get it, which is kind of silly but you can rez it at this spot I found.  I am sure there are lots of other place to sail and I hope to find them.

Good luck Sailing Nemo!


PS I have no idea how I functioned without the tool in Firestorm that keeps track of my TP history. Before if I got a SLurl wrong or forgot where I saw something I would panic trying to figure out where I was or where I saw that cute thing that one time. Now? I just TP back through my history and I can find most anything. TY Firestorm team.

Woodsy is a Lovely Autumn Sim in Second Life

This morning I visited a sim that made me want to wear a bulky sweater over a cozy turtle neck with warm trousers and boots. Woodsy houses a lovely forest with meandering streams. Autumn is alive here with bright colors, falling leaves and a chilly rain in some areas. The sim makes use of huge sim surrounds which I never used to like but I believe I need to change my thinking. The huge purple mountains give the sim a feeling of expansive space. It really is lovely.

There are places to dance or hang out with a friend and lots to explore. Take your time and really feel the chill in the air!

For understandable reasons, build is turned off so you can't rez props but the sim is picturesque enough that it is a must see for landscape photographers. Those of you with a good eye and powerful computers can capture this sim in its full seasonal glory. My old computer does its best! As always my images are straight out of SL with no post processing. I used the region's windlight setting so you can see exactly what the builder had in mind.

Teleport to Woodsy at this Slurl

All quiet on the Chestnut front

This is how the sky looks in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.. I took it from my balcony on the Norwegian Breakaway this summer. It has nothing to do with anything other than I am longing to recreate that "no where to be, nothing to do" vacation feeling.

Sadly today is a typical weekend day for me that includes laundry, cleaning, cooking, running errands, grocery shopping.....driving, running, driving. I try to make it tolerable by starting the day with a long to do list and checking each item off as I go. Checking things off the list is like scratching an itch you can't exactly reach. Relief, sweet relief.

Now you tell me - aren't you glad I started blogging again? You get these interesting, stimulating, compelling snapshots of my life. I don't know how we all survived while I was not sharing out loud.


Playing House in Second Life

I used to be one of those people who would say "I don't understand the need for realistic houses in SL. Why do I need a kitchen? My avatar doesn't eat!" and "Oh why don't we all just live inside fluffy cupcakes or on top of rainbows." You know the type. That was me.

Now? I love nothing more than finding the perfect rug or hall tree for my home. I put up and tear down houses at a rate of at least one a month. I have no idea why doing this gives me pleasure but I have given up trying to understand it myself. I enjoy it. I do it. The end.

Here are a few pictures from my most recent adventure in playing house. I have the *best* kitchen!

I am absolutely not going to list and name the designer of every piece of furniture and decor item because this is not a Home and Garden blog. Having said that if there is anything in these pictures you need to know more about, by all means ask in the comments or shoot me an email. I am happy to track down the name of the designer and send you a LM to the store if I can.

As always these are all raw shots, straight from SL. Click to view bigger and more detailed images please.

The Real Problem - The Tier is Too Damn High

The other day I posed a question about tip jars in public parks like the lovely Calas Galadhon. I meant no disrespect to Tymus Tenk and Truch Meredith who are the creative force behind the Park. To the contrary, I think Calas Galadhon is the kind of effort that makes SL great. Generous, creative people who have the financial means to bring an ever changing landscape to Second Life for the sheer joy of building sims and community are the foundation upon which the virtual world is built.

You should absolutely read more about Calas Galadhon here and I strongly encourage everyone to visit and, yes, drop some Lindens in the tip jar. It would be a sad day if the Park contracted or closed. Once you visit I am sure you will agree. In fact there are a few live music performances you might want to attend coming up over the next few days.
  • HammerFla Magic @ Halloween Pavilion October 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Voodoo Shilton @ Halloween Pavilion October 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Antonio Galloway @ Halloween Pavilion October 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
All three shows take place in an amazing pavilion on the sim Darkwood which is shown above. You can TP here   If music is not your thing but you love the national holiday of Second Life, aka Halloween, you could not find a better sim than Darkwood. The experience is written up in the SL Destination Guide with the following description:
With Tolkein’s Mirkwood as inspiration, the creators of Calas Galadhon bring you an entire dark Elven sim to explore this Halloween season. With a journey through the darkest of woods and caverns, over waterfalls and rapids, through treetops and Elven ruins all the way to the mountaintop pavilion, this unique mix of beauty and terror is well worth the horror you'll find along the way.
TP to Darkwood at this SLurl

The question is not whether Calas Galadhon should be asking for tips. The Parks are amazing, the creators are generous, the events and experiences are the kinds of activities that make Second Life come alive. You should go and support Tymus and Truck if you enjoy what they create. I am convinced you will love Calas Galadhon.

The real question is why does Linden Lab give discounts to Land Barons and provide free sims to the LEA while non profits, educational organizations and content providers like Tymus and Truck have to pay full price? I understand and appreciate the difficulties in implementing a tier structure that is fair and I would not want the task. Still, I think all of us can agree that Second Life tier is too damn high.


I have been corrected in the comments by some intelligent and thoughtful friends. Education and non profit organizations do indeed get a discount.

Letting Go of Irrational Fears in Second Life

Last night I made the mistake of engaging with a group of High School friends on Facebook in a conversation about Ebola. I concluded one very important thing and that is logic is no match for fear. When people are afraid no amount of rational discussion of relative risk is going to change their mind. Ebola is coming and we are all going to die so you better have your pandemic prepping done already or the marauders will be eating your food stocks by next week.


This morning I woke up thinking about how fear holds us back from doing things, even in Second Life.  Things like mesh body parts are really scary to me. There are huds and matching and things called appliers and it always seemed to me you need a PhD in fashion and a billion dollar Linden budget just to get dressed. I have been intimidated. But, I have always hated the standard avatar hands too. They look like meat hooks even on the best skins.

This morning I decided fear is stupid and if thousands of people in SL can manage mesh hands then so can I.

Well. Now. Don't I feel foolish. Put on hands. TP to Pink Fuel, Buy Appliers. Click on appliers. Done.

My hands are beautiful and one silly little fear is banished from my SLife.  Now if eliminating the big fears from our lives were just that simple.