do ya do it?

trust. i never really had issues with knowing who i can trust in RL. you can look someone in the eye and listen to their tone as they talk. it is easy to observe the subtle, non-verbal cues we all send out and make choices about how much of yourself to invest in a relationship.

not so much in sl, eh? in my 5 months in sl the one thing i have struggled with more than any other is trust. see, i am a trusting person. i basically believe what people say, take how people represent themselves at face value and try not to judge people's choices. whateva works, yanno? you want to live your sl as a green pixie who rushes in to help me at a moment's notice? way cool. a wind up toy who walks on stilts, have at it. just be who you are, don't lie and we are gonna be friends.

sl lacks eye contact and tone. the subtle cues are missing. i find myself lost without them at times. ok i know you really are not a wind up toy and its likely that my pixie doesnt really have wings. but, i want to know that *you* the person behind the avitar are honest in your dealings with me. this is a lot to ask in a world where imagination rules, right? should it be?

so how do i know who i can trust in a world where people are anonymous and the normal consequences for bad behavior are basically eliminated? well, i could hold back from relationships, refrain from connecting with the wonderful people who wander our world. but that seems like the wrong way to go. i think it is wise to be more cautious than i would be in rl, but at the end of the day i maintain my open, trusting ways. yeah, i got burned by trusting someone who betrayed me. but those scratches in my finish are almost completely buffed out.

"I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you” Friedrich Nietzsche

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