i know, i know

we don't need to maintain our pixel bodies. so its always a tiny bit strange for me to see kitchens and bathrooms in people's houses. for that matter, why do we even have houses? i suppose all those sexgen beds have to go somewhere.

i don't have a bedroom in my house so that space was sitting unused. no matter, i mostly hang out in my tree anyway. i got the itch to build something the other day and when i finished the snowman i needed a project. in rl i was in the mood for a bubble bath ~ one empty room plus two ounces of inspiration and taaa daahhhh - bath tub.

don't laugh. please. we novice builders get very jazzed when our creations look even vaguely like what we had in mind.


Lunette Fouroux said...

I love it! I gotta get me a house soon. It's funny you posted this because I was just dreaming of a virtual bubble bath earlier today. In RL, they're too much trouble & the water gets cold. :)

chestnut rau said...

lunette! i am happy to give you a copy when you get your house. let me know and i'll drop it on you.

Lunette Fouroux said...

Oh cool! I definitely want to be settled by the end of the year at the very very latest.

Are you going to be around next weekend? I think I might have some time to hang out in-world. Any good concerts going on?

chestnut rau said...

im sure i will. and there are good shows every single day! so im me any time.