living the good life on the sl mainland

so privacy in second life is a myth. even if you have ban lines, security orbs, or a big mean dog who will orbit people from your land, you can't stop people from looking. i have personally experienced the joys of someone who neeeeeded to know about who i spend my time with camming in from the next sim to watch. so, there is no such thing as privacy in SL.

having said that, i do not want people i dont know wandering in my house. i have no idea why it bugs me so but it really does. i hate ban lines with a passion and do not want to close my land off with a security orb. i have met people who are now on my flist because they wandered by my house. so what to do? remember to "lock" my house every time i leave? not likely that i will do that. maybe i just need to chill, remember there is no privacy here and let it go? sounds like a plan.

i helped host 3 back to back shows at molaskey's pub today. grace mcdunnough, lyndon heart and then sumtra oh. always great music and i love it hanging out at molaskey's. but, hosting isn't easy. trying to keep track of all the people, making sure to say hi to everyone as they come in, making sure people know how to use the dance animations plus keeping up with im traffic, not to mention tiny empires. its a lot. laughs.

anyway, sunday evening of reading and relaxing is calling my name. i have the "i don't wanna go to work tomorrow blues" like i do just about every sunday.

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