music, music, music

the first thing i did tonight was add a new walk to my ao. now to sl veterans this may not seem like a big deal. but to this novice, messing with scripts and notecards and animations? scary stuff. having said that once i did it i had to laugh at my fear of taking on this project. how easy was that? and now i have a tiny little hud instead of the huge ao i was dealing with. so yay me!

then i set out to explore infotainment island where there is a colorful, musical thingy in the sky. you wander through the semi-transparent shapes which are different colors and sizes. as you walk the shapes move and make a variety of sounds. pic above and a couple more on my flickr if you are interested.

next i caught Jesse2323 Loon LIVE @ The Lily Pad. he plays acoustic guitar and sings a mix of covers and originals. Jesse is a musician with whom i was not familiar and i had never been to the lilly pad either. it was an enjoyable show. beatles, phish, jack johnson, some grateful dead. the crowd was smaller than it should have been as the music was good and quite danceable. apparently this is a weekly gig for jesse so you can catch him thursdays at 5pm sl time if you are so inclined.

finally i headed over to the Freudian slip and listened to the amazing grace macdonnough followed by lyndon heart. i adore these musicians. grace's voice has so much depth and expression its impossible to listen to her and not be moved. lyndon's singing always brings a smile to my face and the time seems to fly by at his shows.

just as i was getting ready to log twiz showed up for a bit. he has been having connectivity problems so we have not had a chance to hang out at all for days. so it was really nice to have time to see him.

all in all a really fun night in sl.


Lunette Fouroux said...

I just stumbled onto your blog through your comment on Whole Lotta Rosie. I've been on SL for less than two months, and having some trouble figuring out what to do with myself, so I'm glad have your blog as a resource!

chestnut rau said...

me a resource? woot! im me inworld and let's wander around looking for fun.