on being a sl mentor

so i became a SL mentor recently. i have to say it has been interesting. i have managed to help some new residents and meet some great people who are also mentors. my im traffic has increased by several orders of magnitude and my inventory has exploded with all the interesting and useful items *coughcrapcough* the mentors pass around the groups.

i will say that helping newly minted avitars with the very basics of sl is hard work. once you are comfortable with moving around and camera controls you forget how hard it can be at the start. breaking down how to use search or open a box into easily understood text directions is not simple. and it takes patience, which is something i often lack. so mentoring is a challenge at times. i am enjoying my time and hopefully i will be as helpful as jon harlow was to me. i still remember how sweet he was and still have some of the info he gave me. so when my well of patience is empty i try to remember how i can be the person who helps make sl into a navigable mass of confusion for a new person.


Mister Crap said...

I don't think I could stand being an SL orientation help greeter mentor.

I'd totally get bored with the same old questions over and over, wondering why the documentation or books or help menus or walk through couldn't be made better.

I mean, it's an immersive scriptable world, right? Should be able to make some walkthrough that answers most, if not all, questions.


chestnut rau said...

surely there is a technical answer to improving people's entry into sl. but i do think connecting with people is what keeps us coming back. being a friendly face who wants to help is my goal. although it is a pita to be smiley when people are frustrated and , well...ummm...stupid.