skating, birthdays and wind up toys

it was mia's rl birthday so some of us got together to celebrate at molaskey's last night. chester is always coming up with ways to entertain us and last night he threw down some ice over the beach and we did some ice skating. i made a point to skate over the stage, through the waves that were crashing over the ice and i did manage to skate off the end of the ice into the water. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

chester and i have these super cool, tricked out skates that come with a hud so you can flip and spin and do cartwheels. trust me its hard to photograph, but i did make an effort which i demurely decline to share here. sorry, but no. we got the skates when we made the machinima at the smirnoff build that was torn down. one day maybe we will even see the video. soon, we are promised soon. maybe in a week.

anyway, the highlight of the night for me was hanging with cee rap mariner. that girl can skate and she certainly has the right outfit for any occasion.

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Mister Crap said...

I'm sure there's an occasion I missed.

But there's always SOMETHING for sale for it in SL. Always is.