standing on the side. watching.

max kleene at the orginial winterland sim. pretty sim and worth a visit. one day im going to learn how to post surls. i swear. but first i have to go, ummm..... clean my house? hehe


BoRee Vella said...

hey nut i saw you at the glam sim yesterday but i think you were out of earshot ;p anywho how to post a slurl:

1. go into sl and open up map
2. click on copy and paste slurl
3. go into blogger and in your post highlight the text you want to link to
4. click the little link box in the post options
5. paste the slurl into the box
6. voila!

hope you are well! *hands you a cookie*

chestnut rau said...

Boree! thanks so much.. i knew it wasn't hard. i was just being lazy but thanks for the chestnut proof instructions.

i saw you at glam and said hi. i was kind of distracted -- sorry i wasn't more friendly.