when the shoe fits....

like the rest of the world, sl is full of amazing wonderful people and some real creeps. mayhaps the 80/20 rule applies? dunno. in messing around with my bff google this morning i found this checklist. i kinda wish i had found it in july or even august.

There are some common characteristics of sexual predators. Look for these warning signs:

Refusal to take responsibility for actions and blames others or circumstances for failures
A sense of entitlement
Low self-esteem
Need for power and control
Lack of empathy
Inability to form intimate relationships
History of abuse
Troubled childhood
Deviant sexual behavior and attitudes

so, if you want to hang out with me you need to take responsibility for every damn thing beginning with my bad moods and ending probably with global climate change.

you must demonstrate your huge ego but not believe your superstar status entitles you to much, if anything.

clearly, i will have all the power and control because you care so deeply.

you will have a great relationship with your mom, dad, siblings, children, friends, neighbors and everyone you ever worked with or dated. you will love small furry animals and operate a kitty rescue out of your rl home.

you will be required to show me happy pictures from your childhood including snaps of you holding your high school sports trophies, honors certificates and your boy scout eagle award.

finally, although this might be hard, you sexual preferences must be totally vanilla.

this post is accompanied by a bowl full of chestnuts because i am feeling particularly prickly today, in case that was not obvious. hehe


Jen said...

omg girly.....I love this post. I think it should be a prerequisite for playing SL. ::))) Jen

chestnut rau said...

ha! i amuse myself jen. yes i do. giggles

Mister Crap said...

Um... I have no childhood photos, but I have a photo of a pancake on a bunny's head somewhere.

chestnut rau said...

mr crap, that will do. it will most certainly do.