etherian kamaboko at the clocktower

yep. i am dancing in the air -- you have to do that when you go to crap mariner's clocktower. i don't think its *required* but you owe it to yourself to find a new perspective once in a while. seriously, crap's venue is one of the most creative places around and the music is great. go, grab a gear and dance.

strange things happen sometimes, just ask gospeed.

ETA: i must have been tired last night because it is all about the music and i didnt really write a word about how much i enjoy etherian. sometimes i just close my eyes and roll around in the richness of his sound and other times i curse the short length of the wire on my headphones because i am dancing around in my living room as he plays and sings. go and listen. you will enjoy the music and the perfomance for sure.

ETA: read what crap has to say about the show last night

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