how pretty is this?

me on the deck of the home where a friend has graciously offered me a room -- homeless in sl isn't that bad.

i am pretty disappointed because my plan to buy an island with a group of friends appears to have sputtered, coughed and taken its last breath. it could still happen but the feeling seems to be gone...sniff.

wandering around looking at land is so entertaining. there is so much excess, so much ugly and then all of a sudden you happen upon creativity that takes your breath away. i have come to realize how much i hate estates that look like a little suburb of islands. i keep looking for a butler to bring me a martini while i wait for the water taxi to take me to the club. it is *so* not my sl dream.

it is tempting to go for a beautiful parcel where i can sail my trudeau but what i really want is community. i have found some beautiful green areas that have a pacific NW feel -- moutains and water -- that may be calling my name. not sure yet. more than likely i will rent something and take some time to decide.

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