"keeping RL and SL TOTALLY separate"

I was sick yesterday and i went to bed very early but i did have time to read "keeping RL and SL TOTALLY separate" on the front of a person's profile. So, as i lay in bed not sleeping but feeling like total shite i had time to think about this statement. over and over i said to myself "what does that even mean?"

keeping RL and SL TOTALLY separate.

i guess it means i don't want to give out personal details about the real me so please don't ask. now this i understand. i will say i am very open about who i am and anyone with too much time on their hands could probably figure out my name if they were really bored. i certainly don't want SL strangers trick or treating at my house but i don't really hide either.

so if i am using my alt (yes i have one who is not chestnut morissey) am i still me? yes of course. i may be rp'ing and it may be things i don't necessarily want people who know chestnut rau to know about. so i *get* the desire for privacy. but its all still me, right? parts of my personality, parts of my imagination, things "I" do. and its all part of the totality of my SL.

so, what leads someone to say "keeping RL and SL TOTALLY separate?" is it because they are doing things that are potentially embarrassing? they don't want their spouse, employer, friends or family to know about how they play? maybe they are worried about the possible career consequences of their favorite SL activity. these are all valid reasons for maintaining privacy. absolutely. but, let's not kid ourselves either. these things you do in SL? its part of your RL people. its not some "other" -- it is you who is clicking the mouse, right? what you feel is real.

what i concluded through the fever and the sneezing and the body aches is this -- me, myself and i are part of everything i do in second life. on the other hand, i don't necessarily want avatars to come out of the world and hang around my living room. having said that? there are people i have met through their SL avatars i can totally imagine inviting to my home for a beer and a swim.

I'm sure my deep insight clarifies this topic once and for all. thank god for fever. hehe


Lunette Fouroux said...

I agree with you ab-so-lute-ly. The internet has given us a whole new way of relating to the world and experiencing our lives, but it doesn't change the basic fact that we are who we are. "Where-ever you go, there you are."

I hope you are feeling better. If you're bored, there was a very interesting edition of Frontline on last night called "Growing Up Online" which you can watch online. I'm going to recommend it to everyone I know that has kids. :)

Wrath Paine said...

I concur. Sometimes hardly seems worth checking the First Life tab on profiles with as many people freaking out with "OMG SL is not FL so don't ask! Keep it separate! OMG you know too much already!"

Sheesh, people, chill. No need for panic - if you are that intensely concerned about keeping FL info secret, you might want to reevaluate exactly how you're spending your time online to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Having been on the Internet since the early 80s (yes, it existed even back then), I'm no longer surprised by people who think they can somehow have two separate lives. They have this incredible disconnected between who they are and who they think they are. I learn new things about myself every day in SL when the normal rules are removed. And then I can apply those things in the rest of my life. Those who can't do that are actually reducing their lives by increasing the rigidity between different aspects of their personality. It's really too bad. Orange.

chestnut rau said...

orange you are very insightful. thank you for your comment and its great to see you here.