my home is not your love shack

i have 8192m2 in a sim called jokung. my land is on the linden ocean and is a pretty typical sl beachy-place. i love it but i am getting bored and thinking i should build a habitrail or something, but i digress.

so this morning i log in as is my habit. i usually drink my coffee, wipe the sleep from my eyes, catch up with European friends, get dressed -- you know, morning. when i get inworld there on my beach is a woman dressed in some strappy leather-y, kinky as hell get-up. she immediately starts to stammer, "i can explain, im so sorry." so i'm wondering wtf happened here? where are the photos?

long story short, a friend of mine has been using my home as a place to bring his dates. now, i do have great dances and some sweet cuddle pillows from pillow talk. being the winner of the "most single woman in sl" award i really don't have pose balls out or anything like that. the cuddles were wishful thinking purchases, if you want to know the truth. again, i digress.

so, this guy brings his dates to my place on a semi-regular basis. do i care? not really. kind of. i am not sure. i don't have a security system and i don't want one because i am comfortable with people coming by and hanging out. but if someone is going to regularly use my place, the least he can do is kick in something for the tier. right?

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