the sixtyone

i first heard about when crap blogged about it. then i heard kaklick mention it at his gig the other day so i figure it was time to figure out what this thing is all about. i began playing with it yesterday and, wow, it is a lot of fun.

thesixtyone is a website where musicians upload music and you can listen. simple. you get points for logging in, listening to music and inviting friends. you then use the points to "bump" tracks you like. you also get points if other people bump songs you have picked. You get more points for bumping tracks before they get popular so there is a treasure hunt element to bumping. There are levels and as you move up the levels you get bonus features, although i am not sure what they are just yet. There is a social networking component to thesixtyone and maybe even a little bit of friendly competition (*cough* Alex).

what is really cool is you can create playlists and share them with people, which i think would be very useful in the hands of a dj. (*cough* jellybean).

one more thing, dolmere talamasca is behind the effort to use thesixtyone to support sl musicians so if you are interested in signing up do it through him so he gets the points. dolmere has also created an in-world group so if you are interested in an invite to the group please let me know.

now go listen, bump your favs and create amazing playlists -- then share them with me please.


Mister Crap said...

There's also a group for... um... announcements. ;)

Garrett Larkham said...

I found Grace Buford (Cylindrain Rutabaga) on thesixtyone, thanks to you Ches.

I quickly bought a bunch of her songs on iTunes. They'll make nice Sunday morning music on, methinks.

/me looks for CD-RW, burns CD, rips it back as MP3s, erases CD-RW..gah..fricken DRM.