sl live music - only more live

some of my very favorite musicians are playing at singing arc a festival celebrating sl live music in las vegas on march 1, 2008. who is going to be playing?

grace mcdunnough
ETA: grace is not going to be there. /me frowns

lyndon heart
frogg marlowe and jaycatt nico
cylindrian rutabega
juel resistance
dan octavia
kafka dinzeo
tone uriza
takamura keiko
ankari holder
astrin few

so, are you going? i would love to go but i need to seriously consider the expense and time. let me know your plans here in the comments or via im or email. kthanks!


Mister Crap said...

grace mcd was scratched from the list a while back. kinda funny how she is at gigs where other singingarc folks are and she has to say she isn't going to be there... and it kinda sucks as well.

chestnut rau said...

that sucks and makes my decision easier.

Keiko said...

I'm going to be there!! And I'm practicing the haruhi_loop dance so I can do it in RL.