sl most embarassing moments

not that anything like this has *ever* happened to me. or to you. but it could happen. i had a friend once who may have had *something* like this happen. im not sure.

you are at a public event on a particularly laggy sunday evening. you try to cam in to the stage take a picture and instead you click on something, like maybe a pillow and you end up onstage. a quick tp home and you are gone, hopefully, before someone gets a picture. you want to die a thousand painful deaths of mortal embarrassment. after a few deep breaths you get back to your seat and deal. then a singer performs with no audio and suddenly you realize -- its fucking second life.


A. Burgess said...

LOL. I've never had *that* happen. Nor have I ever tp'd into a crowded event and not looked at my mini map, immediately seen a friend's name in chat and blindly started talking away to them while everything is still rezzing. Only to realize a moment later, when one of your other friends alerts you to the fact, that you are in a packed room and interrupting a live interview being conducted by person you were addressing and the person being feted, and there's an audience of at least 20 other avs.

Garrett Larkham said...

Ooo Ches! And you can't use the "Ladies Room" excuse in SL either.

My snafu isn't as bad as Alex's: back in my "would-be Casanova" days, it wasn't uncommon for me to have IMs with 2 or more ladies at the same time (insert judgement here).

I finally stopped doing that crap when I lost track of the IM tabs and found myself at *ahem* a different stage of the evening with the wrong lady. I never heard from either of them again and rightly so!

chestnut rau said...

see...that hound dog crap never pays.

read awnm today for some great advice on how to actually land your dream girl. im pretty sure multiple im convos at the same time violates the prime directive.

Alex Burgess said...

Yep, though I am no Hawks, I do know that if you're trying to make dreams happen, dividing your attention guarantees failure.