these are the days i love

my evening started with great conversation with a dear friend. there are times when i shy away from voice but other times it is wonderful to be able to connect and have give and take in real time.

my evening ended with music by dj garrett and dancing at clockwork, which is quickly turning into one of my favorite places to hang out.

offsetting my dark mood of the past few days, today i was reminded that my slife is great and i am blessed in 1,000 ways. most importantly i was reminded there is joy in the simplest of things like hearing a perfect lyric, soon-to be released killer boots and the promise of new friendships.

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A. Burgess said...

Oh, that's so sweet! Thanks, we like having you around the club as well. You heard the perfect lyric? This has long been a quest of mine and I think I missed it when I was afk. To think that it was heard in Clockwork. I almost thought I heard it the other day in MGMT's new single "Electric Feel," which contains the lyric: "Oh girl, you shocked me like an electric eel." But my informal survey indicates not everyone is as enamored with that line as I am.