bubbac john at molaskey's

it was elvis night at molaskey's pub . bubbac john is an award winning elvis impersonator who claims to have traced his Mississippi roots back to the King himself! now normally i am of the opinion that people should be who they are and not try to impersonate anyone else living or dead. but who doesn't love a little elvis? come'on.

anyway there were lots of people in various states of elvis in the house. unfortunately there was not one that looked like my personal favorite cute adorable young elvis.

bubbac has a loyal following who packed the patio stage area and danced like crazy.

me? i just kick back at my favorite table watch, wonder and listen to the music. all in all it was a fun event and decidedly different.


Eli said...

That picture of you is ah-door-able. :)

chestnut rau said...

awww...thank you sweetie! now, where is *my* puppy? laughs

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Tag. Sorry. New meme. (Fairly painless though.)