find the prim, delete the prim

the house i bought is quite realistic. just like in some rl homes there are mouldings and wooden details all of which are in keeping with the style of sailor's cove. much of the detail is achieved using prims as opposed to textures, unfortunately. the house is made with approximately 234,376,499 prims. i have not counted but it is somewhere in that neighborhood.

in some ways it was easier to manage my prim consumption when i lived in section 8 in topgol. 80 prims is 80 prims. you have nothing and you know it. i loved the simplicity of my loft there.

i have decided that maybe 212,134 of the prims used to build my house are stooopid. for example, on the stairs there are (were) lots of invisible prims within the construction. why? its not like there is a need for extra stability and the invisible prims were not needed to walk up the stairs. so, i unlinked and deleted the unnecessary prims. magically, the stairs did not fall and everything looked exactly the same. amazing.

then it hit me. instead of buying more clothes that i don't need i should spend my idle sl time hunting down stoopid prims in my house. i deleted at least 25 prims in a very short order last night. my goal is to reduce the prims as much as i can while retaining the "look and feel" of the house. this little game is sort of like the opposite of building. it is "unbuilding" and i am getting pretty good at it, if i do say so myself.


Lunette Fouroux said...

Your game seems similar to the game I play (since I don't own land). It's called "Unbuying" and the object is to reduce the number of items in one's inventory. I hope you're better at your game than I am at mine. :)

chestnut rau said...

lunette! its great to see you. i have been unbuying too. the other fun game i have been playing is "leave the crappy freebie in the store."

Cierra Theriac said...

Even if you have a whole sim O.o, you play this game. My partners are constantly telling me to get my prims under control, and do I "really" need 100 prim railing instead of a texture... now it is a challenge to see how low I can get the prim count and still have something look good.

BoRee Vella said...

omg what a good idea! please come to my house and help me get rid of my unneccessary prims nut!!!!