google and blog statistics

before i had my own blog i was blissfully unaware that site owners collect so much information about who visits their site, when, how long they stayed, how many pages they read, how the reader was referred to the site and on and on. of course this kind of information is useful for business purposes in a thousand ways. in RL i work with numbers and data all day long so discovering that i could have so much information at my disposal was like a little geeky birthday present.

the ability to track readers means that avatar i have a secret crush on could figure out i read his blog 10,000 times a day to see if he updated or if he mentioned me in a post. well, ok if there were such a person it would be true. there is not but you know what i mean. sh'up.

when i first started blogging i checked my stats a lot. at first i looked to see if anyone at all read my blog. then as people did i checked because i really was stunned to see that people from spain, germany, indonesia, japan, and all over the world read my words. i don't really pretend to understand it but thank you all very much. (note to new bloggers: set your stats counter to ignore *you* otherwise you are going to think you get a lot more hits than you are really getting. i learned this the hard way.)

the downside of tracking blog stats is you can get fixated on traffic and hits. you can get competitive when other blogs have lots of traffic and you don't -- not that i *ever* go there. the lovely mygdala march once said to me "if you want to be a happy blogger don't worry about stats." it was smart advice from a happy and successful blogger which i have been heeding.

last night at clockwork we were discussing how funny it can be to see who googles their own name and ends up at your blog. during that discussion i promised to write more about alex burgess, owner of the amazing club clockwork in the funky sim of topgol. (how is that for a shameless plug?) this way when he googles himself he gets 1,354,398 hits. so, consider that promise kept mr burgess.

on another topic entirely, since wrath's poll suggests people like visual eye candy to go along with text, here is a random picture i took at the far away sim. sorry for the lack of surl but just look in search and you will find it, if you have not been there already. this sim is photographed a lot and blogged a lot with good reason. the light is soft and beautiful and the whole place is peaceful. i went there last night on a whim and stayed a long time.

cheers, y'all. happy friday.


Wrath said...

I have never been about the stats when it comes to blogging. I started my own blog solely as a journal for my SL experiences, and to let a few friends know what I was up to. Actually, I don't even know how to check the Blogger stats (which is what I use), although I do know how to on Wordpress. I think as long as I have 1-3 readers, I'll continue to randomly post.

But I refuse to mention Alex more often than I already do - that dude needs to find a new hobby other than Googling himself all the time.

chestnut rau said...

i think alex did find a new hobby wrath -- school. seems to me alex has been scarce lately just like you. no worries though. as i told you last night it just give the rest of us time to talk about you guys. ;)

Cierra Theriac said...

I wanna know how to check. Well, no, maybe not. Yes, yes I do, I have to know. Wait, no, I do't want to know. La, la, la, la! Argh!

Oh crap. Okay just tell me how.