late to the game

i know people have talked about creators pavillion and i am adding my voice to that chorus. this is another japanese sim with amazing shops that have creative and inexpensive stuff. from furniture to clothes to hair and skins there is a lot to look at here including great things intended for guys -- leather jackets, funky plaid trousers, even some wild hair. apparently they are having a big sale now too.

it is very hard to get fun boots without spending a lot of lindens. if you go here you can get these boots in brown and black for L$10 a pair. wow. calling all morriseys. boots anyone?

i can't tell you the name of this shop because it wasn't clear to me. either i need more coffee or the store needs to think about marketing a little bit. maybe both. then again if you are selling boots for L$10 maybe making boatloads of money is not your main goal. anyway, follow the surl and you will land in front of the boots.

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