people can surprise you

lately i have been feeling let down by people i care about in sl. today, out of the clear blue, two people were so genuinely kind and thoughtful that it sort of restored my faith. my mood was also greatly lifted by listening to juel resistance sing. the only way i can describe juel is to say she is fierce. if i could make my fantasy of being a singer come true i would want to write songs and sing like juel. i love her attitude -- she wears a tag that says "resistance is necessary" and without getting into political commentary (too much) i have to say i agree with the sentiment.

next i was off to the clocktower to listen to charles coleman, who i had never heard before despite his long history of performing live in sl. i am guilty of listening to my favorites over and over and not branching out to enjoy performers i don't know. this show reinforced to me that i need to make the time to explore new and different live music. there is so much great stuff out there worth listening to each and every day.

from the clocktower i headed off to the best little club in sl, clockwork in topgol. dj esteban was spinning and i never want to miss that.

finally, after i spent a some time building i did a little reading before bed.


Anonymous said...

wow.. cool blog..
i think u think everything in simple..
thats good but not alwayss.
oh sorry i m kodi srilankan university student.. i saw this while serching 3d garghics for my project..
keep it..

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chestnut rau said...

thank you kodi! it boggles my mind that a srilankan university student is reading my blog and it makes me very happy to have you here. ;)

esteban-moody said...

I wouldn't want to miss you either!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dearest friend Chess, I hope i am not one that has let you down in Sl. I have been busy doing my "mentor" thing but that is no excuse. So next time i see you online i will "beam u up" and chat. we are way overdue for some girl time outings!!I love your site. It is awesome!I am so impressed dear friend!! Love Jam

chestnut rau said...

jamaica! i can honestly say you have never once disappointed me. to the contrary you are always a joy.