another japanese sim

have i said i love Japanese sims? why, yes, i do believe i have! this morning i wandered at Americamura and had a thoroughly good time. tons of typical shopping -- interesting clothes and silly toys for very teeny tiny prices. for some reason these street lamps that remind me of clothes pin people made me giggle as i drank my coffee.

we all know i am not a fashion blogger. in fact, one day i may end up on the pages of the fashion police. ok i hope not because i do tend to wear clothes in public, have fairly normal sized body parts and i don't do bling. but i am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination so you just never know.

at the same time i do love to playdress up and i especially love to find bargains. i am a huge fan of the lovely gifts the designers seem to be giving away on a daily basis, sure. but finding interesting items that are totally affordable is...well...more fun than it probably should be.

anyway, see this outfit? simple black pants and a button down white shirt that i would wear in RL for sure. it cost $20 lindens and the belt is included. no kidding. and it fit right out of the box, which sometimes can be a problem with clothing from japanese shops. tp here for yours.


Kristie Carnell said...

Hey Ches! Eric & I got our cool opium pipes at this place. Thanks for the LM! We're going back to explore it some more soon. Loooove your blog!

chestnut rau said...

thanks kristie! and i looooovve you guys.:) thanks for popping in to clockwork last night. i was kind of quiet so sorry i didn't get to talk to you.

Julia Roy said...

I LOVE that outfit!