early in my second life i was introduced to the plum welcome area by my friend marko. at the time i had no home so plum and the adjoining lime sandbox area became my home base. i made a lot of friends there and spent way too much time hanging around and talking. that is until the griefing got really bad and i started to explore the world of live music. for many months i have not been back there at all until this morning when i was inspired to pay a visit.

its funny how so much can change and at the same time everything is exactly the same. when i got to plum there was my good friend jamaica noel. jam and i met under unusual circumstances and it could have easily been that we didn't speak at all. but, because she is an incredibly giving soul, we were able to help each other through some difficult times and are still close. this is a picture of the lovely jamaica.

just for nostalgia's sake here are some picture of a few of my friends from lime. this is lita and me sitting on the rail, talking about ex-boyfriends and shopping. guys if you think we could be talking about you? its a good bet we are.

this is bison the cutest and sweetest puppy around. he is terrified of hobbits so be kind.

this creature is the always interesting felowen dodge, aka "cartoon." felowen is a talented builder and all around fun guy to hang around. he doesn't sugar-coat so don't ask him anything if you are ill-prepared for strong opinions. other than being a red sox fan felowen is a truly great guy.

this is maama saiz who is a sweetheart. he creates pretty women's clothes and i should give you a surl to one of his stores but i am not inworld now so you will have to exercise your search skills to find him. i believe his store is called MC creations. maybe. im me for a landmark if you want to check him out because i am being painfully lazy. sorry about that.

anyway, who says you can't go home again? in sl you can and no one has moved from their favorite spot either.


Anonymous said...

AW Chess! Thank you for the kind words. What a great reunion of old friends this was!! Happy to call you my friend.

Anonymous said...

I will sugar coat yer shit woman!

-From your favorite cartoon