when i was considering selling my mainland parcel and moving to a private estate i worried my land would really "belong" to someone else. if the owner failed to pay tier and LL reclaimed the land or whatever random set of virtual events might happen i could end up without my pixel home. at the end of the day i decided none of it really matters in the larger sense and worst case scenario i would be out some money. knowing the risks i went ahead and purchased land in a well established estate, operated by people i knew.

as i have blogged a few times i love my home, the sailor's cove community is beautiful and the people i have met are great. since my home is located near the theater and the park i get random people wandering by and it gives me the opportunity to meet folks i would otherwise not encounter in my second life. (it also gives me the pleasure of finding people in my home with their feet up on my table and the poseballs out on the bed, but i digress) all in all, i love living in sailor's cove.

fast forward to this week. there is conflict between the owner and operators of sailors cove. the fight has gotten very public and has been talked about in group ims, web pages, and on forums so i don't feel like i am telling tales out of school here. its ugly.

i don't know all the nasty details. i don't *want* to know the details. i don't care who is "right" and who is "wrong." i do wish the parties would handle the conflict privately. unfortunately some are choosing to be very public in ways that hurt other people and potentially damage the value and spirit of the community. there really has to be a better way.

since LL does not deal in resident conflicts it is up to the members of the community to create ways to deal with conflicts of this nature. i don't think we need laws or regulations nor do i think such an approach is tenable. at the same time i wonder if some kind of mediation service would be helpful. with no enforcement mechanisms i am not sure if mediation would work either, but i do think intelligent people can sit down with the assistance of a disinterested third party and come to a compromise solution. i can't get inworld now to check but perhaps such a service exists in sl and i am unaware. anyway, i am just wondering out loud here.

this is the 4th parcel of land i have owned since arriving in world last june. two i owned with my ex-partner and if you know me personally you know how that worked out. /me rolls eyes. i just want to live in a community where people respect each other, value creativity and know how to have a good time together. it should not be this hard to find.

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Mister Crap said...

Edloe 2/Piper Point is a while off. It will need at least one resident hardcore landscaper/IOC, and nobody on the list is quite there yet. RFL sim is going to eat up a lot of time and drama-capacity, I figure.