Did you miss me?

I missed blogging - I sure did. I do have some wonderful things going on in my virtual life that have kept me very much engaged and focused (and maybe slightly glowing and floaty too) so its not like I was sitting around moaning and groaning about not blogging. Yes -- I am one happy Chestnut!

Anyway -- was the three day blogger's protest a success? Certainly the latest clarification of the trademark guidelines shows that LL listened to resident concerns. The text of the policy clarification is on the main blog page here. Are people happy with the policy? Not completely, but we did get a clarification on the third day of the blogging hiatus. I consider that a success.

I think the bottom line is this - LL has every right and even a responsibility to protect their brand. At the same time, I sure as hell wish they would do a better job of implementing policy change. They should roll out changes in a way that anticipates the reactions of residents and eases the transitions. Its not that hard to do and yet LL consistently does a poor job of managing people. Maybe its because there are too many gearheads running the show?

LL needs someone who understands people and process to talk to residents. "Hey if we do thus and such how do you think people will react? How can we roll this change out so as to build support rather than piss off our base?" Seriously, it can be done well. In fact, LL should hire me, pay me a huge salary and I promise to do a better job than is currently being done. Then I would get to quit my day job and live in SL full time. Its a win win! Seriously, who do I talk to about this? Its a brilliant plan. Ha!

I never really expected LL to notice or care that a bunch of bloggers stopped writing, especially a blogger like me who writes pure fluff. Let's face it I am not adding to the debate or reporting the news in a comprehensive fashion here. At the same time, I wanted to stand with fellow bloggers who called for the strike for the simple reason that I think it is important for the community to stand together. There has been healthy and respectful disagreement about tactics and I have been very impressed with the level of the debate. On a daily basis I feel privileged to have a window into the minds of the bloggers and twitterites and others who really are pioneers helping to create the future of the virtual world.

Anyway, I was wandering around today and came across another one of those sweet japanese sims where the clothing is cheap and my lindens are not safe. This time I found a store simply called "poses and anime" that had a ton of cheap -- hold on to your hats -- poses and animations. Cute large sets of poses for L$5. You cant beat that. Go here KssMall

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Eli said...

Let me know when you name changes to Chestnut Linden. I would hate to lose track of you! :)