lack of focus does not prevent me from posting

i am back to having so much going through my mind that it seems impossible to slow down long enough to pull together a cogent post. not to worry, my personal offline journal is stacking up pages and pages and pages so at least i wont burst.

there is a polyamory jira that has had some of us talking. dandellion Kimban has a thoughtful post on the subject, that is worth a read. the jira asks for a change to the partner box that would allow poloyamorous people to partner with more than one person as long as all the avatars involved agree. the simple equity concern suggests to me that sure, LL should allow poly people to partner if they want to do so. why not?

the ability to partner with multiple people does seem like a low priority item as compared to...umm...many other things. my personal experiences with the partner box have been fairly negative leading me at times to think the best change is to get rid of it all together. buy a ring, have a ceremony, engage in whatever ritual is meaningful for you without the official sanction of LL? at the same time the incurable romantic in me thinks there is value to a public statement like partnering. at the end of the day most poly people i have talked to are not clamoring for the ability to partner so i did not vote in support of this jira.

people hate the new viewer. i have avoided it because of the universal and vehement hatred for the blue and some of the changes to the ui. my plan is to hold out for a while and see if i can avoid this mess, thank you very much. apparently though the new viewer has at least one feature that is interesting and possibly useful. massively has a post that describes the tool here.

the tool allows you to measure how hard it is for the system to render your avatar. this measurement gives you an approximation of how much you are contributing to lag. so when you are headed to an event where lots of people are likely to be you could check to see if your 500 prim boots are a problem, as an example. based on what i am reading prims alone are not necessarily a lag causing problem so this tool will help us have actual information. what a concept.

i am almost tempted to download the new viewer just to play with this option -- you know how much i love my data! tempted? yes. am i going to download it? not unless they make me. i'll just take off my boots and hope for the best for now.

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