Seriously? You need to check this out

I know I am always saying "This is great! Check it out!" and by now you are thinking "There she goes again." Ok. I can deal with that. I only blog things I like so you won't see posts where I say "I checked thus and such out, don't waste your time." There is enough of that and why bother really?

Anyway, today I visited Welsh Bay Gallery, owned by the very talented Alexandar Vargas. For some annoying reason SL won't let me grab a SURL right now (can I get a collective GRRRRRR, please?) So the coordinates are Welsh Bay 89, 203, 54. I will try to get back to grab the SURL when SL is no longer borked -- mayhaps some time in 2023? Please, please do not let the extra little step of having to enter the coordinates in the map keep you from visiting this amazing, wonderful, one of my very favorite places.

ETA: Link in the comments from the always helpful and lovely Lunette. ;)

There are sculptures from many well known artists and installations, lots of new SLart I never saw before, beautiful landscaping, bits and bobs dances, pillow talk cuddle pillows, lovely waterfalls, on and on...three sims to explore. It is, for me, the perfect combination of art, exploration, and not possible in real life relaxation. Its amazing, perfect. (Get it? I love this place.)

Alexander Vargas also has a store where he sells what appears to be high quality jewelry. Lots of pearls, diamonds with teeny tiny prims and exquisite detail. I am putting myself on a linden budget so I didn't buy anything but next time I am feeling glamorous I will certainly return and go a little crazy.

Have a look around, marvel at the creativity and if you are in a position to do so please drop some lindens on this very talented creator.

On to the photos -- click for larger images, standard disclaimers apply.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

That looks amazing!!! thank you for giving us another place to explore. Those pics are great!

Lunette said...

I don't think you need to go in-world to make a SLurl. You should be able to manually add the HTML code to your post. Right before the words you want to be the link, type the following text inside <> brackets:
a href=""
and right after the end of the linked text inside <> brackets:
/ a
If it works, it should look like this (crosses fingers):
Welsh Bay Gallery

Cierra Theriac said...

That looks awesome. It might be enough to get me to log in ;)