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Some days blog posts pop into my head and demand to be written. "Why Be Human" from a few days ago was like that. I had the idea and basically could not focus on much until I snapped the photos, got the surls and wrote the post. Other days the things that are going on in my second life are either routine and not worth blogging or too personal to blog about. On occasion I have interesting blog content I want to share but the timing is off and I have to wait. Like now. Lots of great things going on but not too much I care to blog. Yet. (Note foreshadowing intended to spark your interest -- does that technique work in the blogosphere? We shall see.)

So? On to the photos! I hope you enjoy.

angel wings_001

angel wings_003

Shenli Flashheart on Shengri La Love

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Dale Innis said...

oooo, so lovely photos! 'specially ones with Ches in them. :)