You Just Never Know

I logged early last night to tend to a RL person who was giving me that look. You know the one? Its the look that says "What the HELL is up with you? Why don't you ever step away from that @#)$$%$)$ laptop and come in here and watch reality TV with the rest of us? What is so enthralling about little virtual plywood cubes and pretending to dance? Oh and while I am asking? Why is your skin white and that hair? Its crazy" He may have had a point about the hair and the sheer number of hours I spend inworld is notable. But I will never agree about reality tv.

In any case, when I logged Zha was building so I was curious to see if she made any progress on Love last night. One really fun aspect of a truly collaborative effort is you never really know what the other person is going to do. Each next step builds off of the last and for me at least there is joy in the synergy of ideas.

We are creating a deck overlooking the water and Zha added a brass railing, which I love. The surface of the deck is translucent glass and we are still trying to find the perfect color. When I left last night the deck was pink and this morning it was a yellow green. Who knows what color it will be tonight. Ideas? What do you think?

There are a few stable elements of the build that will make it into the "final" version of whatever it is we are creating. The 3 stone terraces below were part of Zha's last build and we love them. One has benches, I added Bits and Bobs V7 to the middle terrace and the third has the all important hammock.

So after I oohed and ahhhed at the cool railings and pondered yet again the right color for the glass deck, out of the corner of my eye I spotted some prims -- really, really big prims. Mega prims even. Flying around the side of the mountain I came across this. What is this? Who knows? All I can say is, just like everything about this build I can't wait to find out where the idea takes us.


Lunette said...

LOL, I can't tell you how many times I have seen "that look"! Luckily, it never involves watching reality TV, though (yuck!).

Things are looking great at the new place! I really will get over there to visit one of these days (when the meatself is not getting the look). :)

Garrett Larkham said...

Yes I get "that look" too! From the dog. He's licking my foot as I type this; his way of telling me it's time to cuddle and watch last week's Lost.

Esteban Moody said...

When are you going to invite me over?

Dale Innis said...

I'm there on the Look also! :) Although in my house lately it's been noisy bloody violent war movies (that's teenage boys for you). I tend to actually leave the room after two or three of those.

I love the idea of doing a build by lying around talking, with breaks for dancing and shopping. Very SL! Best of luck on the deck; I've tried to make interesting translucent floors, but (being utterly nonvisual) mine always look silly...