Downtime: Most everyone in Second Life takes a break from various things. At the moment, Salome Strangelove is catching her breath from running the Freudian Slip. Chestnut and I took advantage of this, and Shen and Grace's generosity to have Grace come and play at our sim. Grace had been chatting with Ches about performing on the water, and the sim has a ton of water. Grace setup on one of the picturesque ruins Shen has built, and we setup seating, dancing, and some boats for people to sail in while listening to the music.

Grace is always a musical delight, and she played a set list heavy on water and sailing themed music. For a little over an hour, we got song after song, including Salome's fairytales, which regular Votaries of Grace know is one of our personal favorites. Sharing the setting with our friends and Grace's music was truely magic, and I hope our friends enjoyed it as much as we did.

Speaking of downtime, I'm taking a little myself. The family and I are off for a three week vacation, away from work, away from home, and therefore, pretty far away from the grid. I'll check in from time to time, but no promises how often or for how long. The vagaries of timezones, hotel wireless, and real vacation conspire to ensure uncertainty.

Thinking about being away, reminds me, in the best possible way, why I love Second Life, namely, the love, friendship and shared creativity I have found there. So, if you're wondering where I am, I'm off recharging my batteries, and looking for new and wondrous things to bring back to the world we all share. I'll thinking of you, all of you, as I spend some time in the world Atomic.

~ Zha

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