Showcase -- is it better than Popular Places?

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon. After I got tired of killing things in WOW I decided to head in to SL and have a wander around. There has been a lot of talk about how the old (and useless) Popular Places has been replaced by the Showcase in the Search function. I thought I would give this improvement a try and see where I landed.

A quick search turned up a listing for the Music Hall of Fame and as you might guess, I was game.

When I got to the Music Hall of Fame I gound the requisite limo out front and a short red carpet under an awning leading inside.

The build was created by Bringiton Paine to show support for and raise awareness of live music in Second Life. There are more than 200 posters from musicians who perform inworld. When you click the poster you get a bio for the performer and other items such as t shirts, gestures, links to video and places where you can download songs.

The Music Hall of Fame will hold a monthly contest to pick a musician who will be showcased. Visitors drop a notecard in mailboxes scattered around the build to vote for their favorite musician.

On the roof there is an area where other SL Music Venues are highlighted. Again there are posters for the venues and when you click on them you get a landmark and a notecard about the venue.

Finally, there is a stage for live performances. There are dances scattered around and places for people to sit and enjoy the music. I did not see a schedule but I will be watching the events listing so I can catch a show.

Is Showcase an improvement over Popular Places? For me I would say yes. I didn't know about the Music Hall of Fame and there were people in and out of the place while I was looking around and taking photos for this post. So based on this one time use of Showcase I would say, way to go Linden Labs.


for Paisley Beebe said...

Hi Chestnut yep this is a good one great for the music industry! I'd like for all of us bloggers to have our own showcases! I love finding new places see my blog for some ideas...I couldn't find enough space for all the ones I

Ed G. said...

Yay for the Music Hall of Fame, and your good review of it. Bringiton Paine works tirelessly to promote music in SL and her hard work shows.

Boooo on Showcase. Many of the places it promotes are commercial. I have trouble with Linden Labs selectively "showcasing" merchants stores when there is absolutely no transparency in HOW they come about the making selection.

Popular places was certainly flawed, as it was based on "traffic" and there were lots of ways to game that number. But it WAS a transparent process.