What a day!

Yesterday was one of those sweet, sweet days in my Second Life. Things happened that stirred a lot of emotion and it was a day that will stay with me for a long time.

As you all know, Grace McDunnough played a wonderful set on Shengri La Love. We created a space for the show on the ruins in the harbor. Our sim was created by the talented and generous Shenli Flasheart and it really is breathtakingly gorgeous. During the show Grace said the water may be the most beautiful she has seen inworld and I have to agree. Shen has done a fantastic job with the sim.

So, the setting was stunning and the music was moving. Grace picked songs related to the sea, a few pirate songs and she kindly played "Fairy Tales" which has special meaning to Zha and I. One thing I admire about Grace is her ability to change up her set to match her mood or a theme. She never seems to play the same set twice and has a knack for throwing in an unexpected song that fits just perfectly.

The crowd that came for the show was fantastic. We had to up the limits twice because we maxed out the capacity of the sim. I think we had a high of 51 people at one point. Most of my very favorite people were there, some who I have admired from afar and others who I hope will become friends in the future. Somewhere in the middle of the set Zha and I were in IM just grinning at each other because it was such a great event. Thanks especially to Grace, Shen and everyone who was able to come.

After a spectacular hard crash we headed over to a party at the home of our friends Kit Meredith and Charlanna Beresford. Lots of the people who came to the show at our place made it over to the party and we joined a whole bunch of others. The place was packed, the conversation was..."spirited", the music was interesting. The sheer talent of the people who were at the party was staggering. There were artists, musicians, bloggers, DJs, technologists, and entrepreneurs many of whom I am blessed to call friends. At one point, I had one of those moments where I really felt the power of our community.

Happy sigh. What a great day.

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Sophrosyne Stenvaag said...

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event!

And, don't be a stranger - feel free to email me at sophrosyne.stenvaag@gmail.com, or IM me, if you'd like to get together sometime.