Child Rights and You (A chance to indulge your need for fashion and help children at the same time)

I know you are tired of hunting. You never want to see another globe or ghost again. You have spent hours and hours wandering all over the grid, searching for objects which you will then sort through for many more hours. Likely you will throw away hundreds of objects and delete just as many landmarks. I know. I have done it myself.

So, how are you going to indulge your need for low cost adventure shopping? I have a suggestion. (You knew I would, right?) It appears that Santa had a little accident in Shengri La Peace.

The candy bag on the back of his sleigh ripped and he spilled a hundred or so candy canes. If you click on the candy canes and buy them for $25 Lindens you can help CRY and get a surprise gift.

What will you get inside the candy canes? Some of the gifts are new designs by Shenlei Flasheart, some are from the retired and otherwise unavailable Prim and Proper line, some are from Flash and Trash. All of the items are fun. Pay your $25 lindens and take a chance. Buy a few candy canes and see what fantastic items you get! More important than the gift you will receive is the feeling you will get knowing you have donated to help children.

All too often the glittery, beaded sweaters and gowns we wear in RL during the holiday season are sewn by young children in India. Therefore it is especially appropriate at this time of year to take a moment to think about the clothes we buy. For more information about child labor in the apparel industry, please read Shen's post here.

In light of all this, the Shengri La community is raising money for CRY, an organization who works on behalf of children in India. According to the notecard I got at the LM above
Child Rights and You (CRY) is an inclusive, participatory, people's movement that campaigns to demand universally recognised child rights for India's children. Outraged by gross violation of children's rights in India, CRY partners with developmental organisations, communities, government and the media to work towards eliminating the root causes of deprivation, exclusion, exploitation and abuse, bringing about lasting change that is equitable and just for every Indian child.

All funds received when you buy your candy canes will be donated to CRY. So, come on down and see what surprises you get inside your candy canes. The gifts arrive in your inventory in folders so there is no unpacking and, I promise, you won't want to delete these items.

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