It is an annual tradition

Somewhere near Christmas eve every year my boss throws a holiday party. This usually involves good wine and fancy snacks. The economy being what it is this year fancy snacks means popcorn. Popcorn covered in white chocolate, which is a nasty surprise if you are expecting salt and butter, I must say. The wine was good, thankfully. I had 2 big old glasses, so yes, this is a semi-drunk blog post. Huzzah.

This is a stressful time of year. Oh, I would say I am not that stressed out about the holidays, but Zha would probably disagree. I *am* stressed out but it may just be a normal state for me. What say you, Ahuva? Me? Stressed? Sure, a lot of the time I am. I think deeply, care a lot. I feel the slights and disconnects of every day Second Life fully. Some days things roll off me like water off a duck's back. Other days, I find hurt and insult in things that are not at all about me. Yeah. I am self aware enough to know all of that.

What is the point of this post? I guess I want to get to the heart of what matters to me on this frigid December day. And that is being true and honest, real, accepting, loving and kind. What matters is finding the good in people and situations rather than identifying the mistakes, the negative, the unseemly. It is a temptation, though isn't it? I can so easily lapse into focusing on what is wrong but today I am resisting the temptation. At least now, fueled by a fragrant cabernet I am resisting.


ahuva18 said...

What do I say? :) I say Happy Holidays, dear Chestnut! *hug* Stress is often just too many strong emotions coming in faster than our asset server can handle. Keep caring deeply, looking for the good, finding the positive, enjoying life. My love and best wishes for a happy, healthy new year to you and yours.

CeN said...

Thank you.
For being you, and for this post.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday.