"Thorns in the Velvet" exhibit by Glyph Graves

I got an invitation to an art opening today and when I noticed the artist was Glyph Graves my interest was immediately sparked. More often than not I forget about such things or I am not inworld at the right time. Today was my lucky day because I got the invitation about 5 minutes before the start of the event.

I can't even begin to describe Glyph's work and the photographs I will share cannot begin to convey to you the movement and life you will experience when you go. Glyph's work moves, it pulses, it sings, it reacts to the SL wind. I really cannot urge you strongly enough to go to
Ars Simulacra and see this magnificent exhibit for yourself. Here is Glyph's artists statement and a bit about the art.
My art in SL is currently focused on the interplay between structure and texture. As well as the normal digital tools of graphic and 3D modeling programs, I also freely make use of Linden Scripting Language as both my chisel and my paintbrush. I'm constantly in a state of wonder (and occasionally, despair) at depth and the dimensionality that's available for the art of Second Life.

Thorns in the Velvet
This exhibitions a bit like a wedding proverb Something new, something old, something borrowed ( prims from my alt) and something blue (in all probability).

Its also a bit of a change in direction incorporating more shiny less alpha in some of the newer sculptures. Its organic in flavour as always and reflecting my fascination with transformation in colour space and sound.

The Aho Museum
NMC Campus
Curated by Tayzia Abattoir

The NMC Campus is a virtual laboratory available to NMC member institutions and their faculty. It has been carefully constructed to provide researchers and students dozens of prebuilt settings for experiments in social interaction in 3-D space. These settings are expressly designed to encourage explorations along dimensions such as formal and informal; traditional and nontraditional; real and surreal; serious and playlike; and other continua as may be defined. The campus has dozens of settings for these interactions, from the serious to the fanciful, each designed to support an optimal group size, from 2 to more than 75.

The sim of Ars Simulacra at the campus is host to a new sculpture exhibit each month.

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Juko said...

I'm a big fan of Glyph's work too. Your readers might enjoy his Total Wind Sculpture - wind creatures with movement colour and sound shaped by the SL Wind


Now featured in a video by Dizzy Banjo too!

uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fbP2PRTlIjA&featur e=channel_page