Big news!

Last week I wrote a post that may have been a bit confusing. Sure I blog about things I have done and occasionally highlight upcoming events I think people will like. But since when do I, Chestnut Rau, write event listings reminiscent of Lanna's List on New World Notes? What was up with that?

Lanna has moved on to other projects and will no longer be writing the events listing for NWN and Hamlet Au was looking for a writer. So, I took a deep breath and threw my hat in the ring. Last week Hamlet asked me to write an audition post and he must have liked what I did because, yes, I am the new events writer for New World Notes. See? There was an announcement and everything. I am not dreaming! My first post should hit NWN tomorrow so please do check it out.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to write about the amazing events that happen every day in Second Life. If you are planning an event or know about something you think people would enjoy please do email me at chestnut dot rau at gmail dot com or IM me in world.


Taken at a time limited build high above Scribble. Details in NWN tomorrow.

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Honour said...

Yay! and congratulations to Hamlet for his good taste. :)