Bryn Oh

Today I got a notecard from the Not Possible in Real Life group with a landmark for Bryn Oh's sim Immersiva. Apparently Dusan Writer - who also created a home for Eshi Otawara's Flower Tower - gave Bryn Oh a sim to support her artistic endeavors. How incredibly wonderful is that? The generosity of people in Sl astounds me on a daily basis. I think it is beyond fabulous that there are people who are willing to support art in this way.

Immersiva is innovative and interactive and true to Bryn's tradition there are steampunk elements, bees, angel wings, poetry and secrets to find. I did not have nearly enough time to explore when I went and I spent every bit of 45 minutes looking around. Bryn is a master of tiny details and each of her sculptures merits close inspection. Go when you have time to explore because you are going to want to take your time to fully experience Bryn Oh's creativity.

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Semaj said...

The Abandoned

Goddess of color, Goddess of light
The lost who make their way here
The abandoned
The forlorn
The lonely
The souls apart… they are not

Expelled from the divine well spring of eternity
Into the arms of mothers that set us aside… we wait
Alone, in the dark night of the caged-body soul
Till our hand is touched
And the soul is freed

(inspired by the imagination of the Goddess Bryn Oh)