Chestnut's Choices, week of 1/15 - 1/21

Philip Rosedale headlines 2009 Metanomics Season, Listen to Komuso at AM Radio's build, Find out Why Kim Stanley Robinson is a coyote and much more...

This week Second Life is jam-packed with things to entertain you whether you are interested conversation with Second Life visionaries, immersing yourself in an art sim or hanging out and listening to fabulous music. Some of the events I will be checking out this week are listed below. I hope to see you there!

Philip Rosedale kicks off the Metanomics Spring 2009 season! Host Rob Bloomfield engages the Linden Lab Founder and CEO in a broad-ranging discussion on the hopes that virtual worlds can fulfill in these anxious times. Expect Philip to share his views on: why he loves not being a CEO, but Barack Obama will make a great one; what the death of Google's Lively says about Linden Lab's strategy; why Linden Lab is profitable when YouTube isn't; how Second Life's economy is faring in the wake of real-world crises and OpenSpace pricing changes; why enterprises are flocking to Second Life; and why Second Life residents both hope for and fear change. LIVE, Monday, January 19, Noon. You can TP from here.

(photo taken at AM Radio's "The Refuge and The Expansion")

On Saturday, January 17 at 7 PM you will want to TP to Wales Springs to see the crazy blues cyborg Komuso Tokugawa perform at AM Radio's "The Refuge and The Expansion." This party brings together one of SLs most hauntingly beautiful sims with one of our most passionate live musicians. Bring your boogie shoes and your cameras for a wonderful hour of music in a beautiful setting. This event benefits Heifer International about which you can read more at Heifer's mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. They do this by providing livestock, training and other services to small-scale farmers and communities worldwide.

If you are looking for places to explore rather than scheduled events check out Koinup's list of cool places or the SL Tourist Board on Flickr.

(All event times in SLT, "Second Life Time"-- i.e., Pacific Standard)


Thursday January 15

1pm - Light and Heavy: The Art of Physical Objects
The four pieces in this show by Oberon Onmura celebrate the odd and wonderful characteristics of SL's physical objects. Visitors are invited to interact with the pieces - push them, ride them, sit on them, climb them. But be careful not to fall over the edge unless you are wearing a flight assist device! TP to Nomanisan.

6PM - Winston Ackland Live at Club Dreams
Winston Ackland 's original works and quirky adaptions of obscure covers make for a great musical hour. Relax in a comfortable atmosphere and enjoy innovative songs crafted from a blend of rock, bossa nova, jazz and lounge. TP to Club Dreams in Gwail

6pm to 10pm - 80s Night at Lounge of Dreams
DJ Rosie (6-8) will be playing a mainstream mix of 80s faves spanning rock, pop and new wave, and DJ Marx (8-10) brings it full force with the import, limited distribution, underground, indie, deep cuts, and obscure 80s we know you love deep down. Everybody is welcome at Lounge of Dreams in Trapper -- human, nonhuman, male, female, gay, straight, bi, neko, furry, faerie, vampire, gargoyle, scaly, tiny, you name it!!


Friday January 16

All day - Exhibit "Eyes of a Child"

This installation includes images by award-winning photographer Marianne McCann, who is a well known child avatar in Second Life. Marianne's work includes landscapes, portraits and larger than life sculpture. Marianne hopes her work gives the viewer insight into how she and other kid avatars view our shared world -- the beauty, the fun, and, at times, the challenges. Enjoy looking at SL through the eyes of a child in the small gallery in Shengri La.

3pm to 6pm -
The Grand Planetarium
The Ginsberg Arts Center welcomes you to The Grand Planetarium;
a mystical 3D journey into our solar system. Come enjoy the stars at The Grand Planetarium

7 PM - CQ Bravin Live at Starbrook's Coffeehouse
Hailing from Jacksonville Florida, CQ is fast becoming well known throughout SL for his soulful covers and original songs. CQ plays indie, folk acoustic music that works so well in SL. He draws an enthusiastic and loyal crowd and once you listen to him you will understand why. TP tp Starbrook's in the Ethereality sim . More information about CQ and his "The Colorful Quiet" can be found on his myspace page.


Saturday January 17

11am - Story Hour with Shandon Loring
Shandon Loring has traveled through many times and places and worlds, both virtual and real, and has recently come to the Second Life metaverse. He has collected many stories and tales and books, and would like to share his love of a good story with you, and to be your Seanchai (story teller). For more about Shandon Loring see TP to the SS Galaxy for the event.

7 am and 5 pm - Ode Butterfly Hunt
Join the hunt for fabulous free jewelery by Random Calliope in the stunning 5 sim Shengri La community. Butterflies roam the sims and can be found floating high and low. The way to release the treasure is to click on the butterfly. New residents will find this event a great opportunity to learn to move around, use your camera and engage with a sometimes confusing interface - and be rewarded with lovely pieces of jewelry for their efforts! TP to the Shengri La Welcome area.

Noon - A discussion with Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson, Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author of The Mars Trilogy and the Science in The Capital Trilogy, will be the featured guest at an open talk show in Second Life next week. Robinson will appear as his avatar, Stan Shackleton, a coyote, in honor of the role played by the figure from Native American legend in his Mars novels. He will discuss his just-completed new novel, the politics of science and technology and will respond to audience questions. The Salon is open to anyone and can be reached by TPing to The Nexus in Extropia Core. New World Notes has a more complete write up here and you can find additional information about this exciting event on the Extropia Events blog. Note: this will be a very popular and well attended discussion so if you plan to attend I would suggest you arrive early.

7pm - Komuso Live at AM Radio's "The Refuge and The Expansion" TP to Wales Springs


Sunday January 18

8am - Gimp for Beginners: Poster Design
Learn to use the FREE program GIMP and create images using your own SL photos. By the end of the lesson you will have a poster which can give out note cards and landmarks. This class is perfect for landowners, people starting businesses or those wanting to improve their skills. You can take this helpful class by going to Danish Visions. Prerequisites: Download V.2 .4 GIMP free from and have voice enabled. You will not need to speak but the instructor will be using voice. More information about the class can be found here.

6pm - Michele Ecksol and Paper Scott at Atlantis Rising
Michele and Scott are without a doubt one of my favorite live music groups in SL. They combine incredible musicianship with humor and have a way of eliciting strong emotion with their music. This is a show you will enjoy so head on over to Atlantis Rising. More information and a sample of their music can be found on Michele's myspace Page.


Monday January 19

Noon - Metanomics New Season Begins
The 2009 season of Cornell University Professor Robert Bloomfield's highly popular talk show Metanomics show starts today with very special guest Philip Rosedale. You can TP from here. Go early as the sim gets crowded. If you are unable to be inworld you can watch the show via ChatBridge.

6PM - Rockcliffe University - Legal / Criminal Justice Forum -
Hawc Decosta and Randi Hooker are providing a two part legal forum. The forum this month will discuss griefers and Internet Crime. TP to the lovely Rockcliffe University Campus to learn about this difficult topic so you can protect yourself.


Tuesday January 20

6pm - Scope Cleaver speaks at Molaskey's Pub
Preeminent Sl architect Scope Cleaver will discuss his work creating fantastic buildings in virtual spaces. He will focus on the challenges and the possibilities of design and how he approaches his work. This will be a Town Hall style discussion and audience participation will be encouraged. TP to the Molaskey's Pub Bonfire beach and bring your curiosity and questions.

(Photo credit of Scope Cleaver build for Princeton University: Amalthea Blanc)

6-8pm - Carnival of Doom: "Strange Girls! Ladies Night!"
DJ Miriam Antonelli Rocks the Midway. Ladies get your strange on! Gentlemen who think they can handle the "beauties" may find themselves dead! Bring a new guest to Doom and show them the sights. Veteran guests and Carnies will help you frighten your friends. A scary good time is promised for all.

7pm - The 2nd Question
The fast-paced, fact-based, fun hour of science related merrymaking, audience participation, prizes, wit & wisdom. Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe make it all happen in a broadcast hour, shown live on! You can be a member of the studio audience by TPing to the 2nd Question studio. You can find out more or watch past shows here.


Wednesday January 21

5PM - Rockcliffe University - Business Forum
Phelan Corrimal presents Rockcliffe's Business Forum. This forum will be about the application of Moore's Law to virtual world economics, its impact to cultural expectations, and impacts to virtual business models. TP to Rockcliffe.


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Excellent information Chestnut and, in my case, extremely timely!! I just downloaded GIMP the other day and would like help getting started. That class on Sunday sounds perfect. Thanks!!

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I really love that hair style on you :)

Mitch Wagner said...

Thanks for including us in your roundup - but Copper Robot isn't this Sunday, it's every *other* Sunday. Last one was this past Sunday, next one is scheduled for the 25th (although there might be a problem with that).

Sue Mahar / Nasus Dumart said...

Thanks for posting Scope's appearance at Molaskey's Pub. It promises to be very interesting and informative. Attendees will surely be inspired by Scope's creations.

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Nice mix of educational and entertainment. Thanks, Chestnut :)

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An Emergent Second Life
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