Community Gateway

This week Shengri La became a Community Gateway, which is a place where new residents are directed as they begin their entry into Second Life. Shenlei Flashheart and Fashion Research Inc. have built a wonderful Welcome Center for people in the fashion industry. There are basic instructions of all sorts in addition to free clothes, shapes and skins for new avatars. As with all things Shen does the Welcome Center is well thought out, professionally executed, lush, inviting and perfectly lovely.

So for a few days now we have been totally bombarded with new residents. People with rez days of *today* are wearing boxes, trying out every goofy gesture in the library, walking into things, asking "what do we do here?" and "do you like sex." Its all pretty funny. I have a great deal of patience with new folks as I want them to fall in love with our world. I want them to see the possibility, engage the creativity.

Of course having lots of new folks waddling around means our once sleepy community is a bit busier now. Staring out at the water or sitting on a meditation pillow is likely to attract someone wanting to know how to get a house or a job. I am finding my encounters with the new folks a lot of fun even when it intrudes on my quiet time. I hope they stick around.

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Dale Innis said...

Oooh, so if I hang around Shengri La more I might run into lots more newborns to exploit, I mean, educate? Kewl!