Great Furniture, Great Customer Service

Zha and looked for furniture for our house for a long time. We had specific requirements because we are picky like that. I did not want pose balls because menu driven furniture is out there and pose balls are ugly and unnecessary. Both Zha and I are on the small side and we wanted furniture that did not dwarf us. Amazingly, well proportioned furniture is hard to find.

Someone on plurk suggested we look at The Loft and once we did our search was over. We chose the Tennyson Sofa and matching chairs. I will say I loved just about everything in the store and could have easily purchased any number of things. We rushed home, set up the furniture and spent days saying versions of "OMG I love our new furniture" and "It makes our house seem like a home" over, over and over.

After a bit I noticed some of the poses didn't fit our avatars very well. Partly this is because most cuddle poses are created for a male and a female avatar, which obviously is not going to work for us. Sadly, we are pretty used to one of us floating in the air or getting an arm through the shoulder. (Hint, hint content creators -- make more poses and animations for female couples. There are a LOT of us.)

One of the reasons we loved the furniture at The Loft is it is adjustable. I read the note card, tried to follow the directions and was just not able to get the menu to pop up the way I thought it was supposed to. So I IMed Colleen Desmoulins the very talented creator and asked for help. After a few misses on finding a time that worked for both of us Colleen came out to my house last evening and explained how to make the necessary adjustments.

Please understand Colleen left a photo shoot to come help me. She patiently walked me through the process and showed absolutely no frustration when it became pretty clear the "problem" was that I misunderstood the notecard. Thank you so much Colleen!

The Loft has superior furniture and outstanding customer service. It just does not get better than that.


Elusyve said...

Colleen is a rare business woman, a person who cares about her customers and is actually a nice person. Im glad to hear of your great experience.

Zillow Dejavu said...

I am marking this one. I had to let a house go because I could not find furniture I liked. Admittedly, I didn't have a lot of time to look around. But when I'm ready to buy again and furnish, this is the first place I'll look. Thanks!