I have not blogged in a week

This morning I asked my 10 year old son to pick up the garbage dump he calls a bedroom. His answer was priceless. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Please clean up your room."
Boy: "I can't mom."
Me: "Please enlighten me. Why?"
Boy: "You know I am a slacker."

Now a good mother would not laugh. She would get a stern look in her eye and take a serious tone and repeat her request in such a way that the little boy would run off and clean his dang room. But, I am not a good mother. I laughed. A.lot. He laughed. Then we got on with the business of putting the house in order. That is just how we roll here.

I know I have not blogged here in a week. I am not going to say it is because I am super busy in RL, which I am. I am not going to say its because I am busy collecting events for New World Notes, which I am. I will just say "you know I am a slacker."

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Dale Innis said...

Slackers of the world, unite! :)