Looking for Old Mainland Parcel

I love our little Utopian community on Shengri La and hope to always live on our parcel on Love. Zha and I built our house in the sky and it really is a refuge for us. We had a vision and although its not what a lot of people would choose, we love it. The open space park-like feel of the ground is lovely and, judging by the steady stream of visitors, lots of people enjoy what we have created there.

Although Zha and I intend to continue living on Shengri La Love, we have been itching to build and really want to get our hands on some mainland where we can play. Zha and I have been pouring over the land listings and map hopping trying to find an 8192 square meter parcel. There is a lot of land for sale. A lot. And a lot of it sucks and the parcels we have found that we like are ridiculously expensive.

If anyone comes across an 8192, preferably on the old mainland, that you think is great will you please let me know? I love the cacophony of mainland but I prefer not to be next to a mall, a huge cruise ship, or a slave auction. Waterfront is our choice, but I am not all that into the ubiquitous SL palm tree beach. Yes, yes I realize anything can change in a second on the mainland but there are stable beautiful sims and that is the kind of place we want to buy. Is it a dream? You tell me.

The Glen Above Shengri La Love


Eli Schlegal said...

I have a 5680 sq M mainland parcel for sale. First pick in my profile. The price would certainly be negotiable for a friend :)and there are other parcels on the same sim that are available at decent prices,so you could def piece together an 8192. It's about a half sim away from the linden ocean and there is a linden road in the sim. Also a very nice park built by Hylee Beckers. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Aki said...

There are a couple of very nice lots in a sim 5 regions north of an old haunt, at Tharu. One is an 8080sqm and the other is 4432sqm. They are right next to each other, in the north-east corner and basically make up a little quarter-sim island there. Tharu is a PG sim, however.

If i still had the space in my tier, i would buy them, but i've been tiering down a lot lately.

Prokofy said...

What's so annoying about this post and the one above it is that you use your very highly visible post, as a writer for Hamlet too, to proclaim that "mainland is too expensive" -- which simply isn't true. Mainland is going begging, and going for $2 a meter, all over the place, even in really nice areas. You need to zoom out more, look more and use the auctions. The auctions in Linden dollars, or for that size of 8192 m2 in US dollars, are very good bargains. Bid on a few, then leave if you are outbid and come back again the next day.

There are 4,000 plus mainland sims, many with the plots you need. If you don't spend much to start with, you won't have to live in fear of something ugly coming up and can just sell out and leave.

Somebody putting land at $300,000 for a 4096 either has the land in a very old valued sim or is just trying to use the land list as an advertisement or just doesn't care, and is annoying. I have a guy next to me in one sim that wants more than $2 million for his 2048 that he would not sell to me months ago for a normal price like $7/meter which is high for that area.

Don't misportray outliers like that as somehow the norm on the mainland.

chestnut rau said...

Prok you are 100% correct. There is a lot of mainland for sale that is very nice. One could easily spend a small amount of money and have a lovely parcel.

I have been looking at land for a month now. I have zoomed all over the map, attempted to use the search function (which is not that great), watched the auctions. All in all I have been very frustrated with the process. I imagine I am not the only one who is frustrated with the experience of trying to find exactly what they are looking for on the mainland.

Thaumata said...

I own about half of Wollaston, a sim on the Sansara continent (the old one) and am probably going to sell it soon. The other 1/4 is owned by someone older than me, even (he's about 5 and never logs in) and the last 1/4 is split a bit more but still fairly stable. I'd love to get it to a new owner that appreciates the old continent and wants something quiet but mainland. Want to make me an offer if you're still looking? haha

- Thaumata Strangelove