Observations About Illness, Fear and Google

Warning: not very interesting, slightly anxious post ahead. If you are looking for something fun to do move on to the next blog. Today I am using this space to clear my head of fussy clutter.

I have some personal stuff going on. Medical stuff, potentially scary stuff. Most likely I am perfectly fine but I have had to be scanned and referred to specialists. I have worked up close and personal enough with doctors to know how much of medicine is trial and error and frankly I prefer not to participate in the game, if at all possible. Unfortunately at this moment I am playing the game.

I am a bit scared which leads me to google. Now google is my friend. I actually can't remember how I existed in the days before I could look up something and get
Results 1-10 of about 8,730,000 for (blah) definition in (0.12 seconds)

Still, some things are best left ungoogled -- such as symptoms and prognosis and treatment. Stuff like that.

Anyway, today I got an offline message from someone I admire. It was simple and sweet and for a few minutes made everything right in my world. So, thank you.


Takuan Daikon said...

Best wishes, I hope everything works out well for you!

I, too, use Google regularly for medical 'research', and I know just what you mean by 'some things are best left ungoogled.' It can be scary to see how many symptoms of how many very awful things you have, and it's easy to let the imagination run wild.

It's good to be informed as much as possible, but stress won't help anything, so I hope you get your answers soon!

Takuan Daikon said...

Perhaps it would have been better worded to say "how many symptoms you have of how many very awful things you probably don't have" :)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I hope everything will be okay with you, Chestnut. That you'll get a clear and accurate diagnosis and be able to get it treated effectively asap. Not knowing is probably the worst. *hugs*