Reason # 278: Why Second Life Shopping is Superior to Real Life Shopping

If you have been reading here for any length of time you know I have kids. My daughter is about to turn 13 and is in the 7th grade. Her class is taking an overnight trip at the end of May. It is a big honking hairy deal because they are staying overnight at a hotel that has an indoor water park. And that means 7th grade girls have to wear bathing suits in front of 7th grade boys.

Pause for a moment and remember what you were like at almost 13 and how you felt about your body. For some of us those memories drive our body image well into adulthood.

Today we spent 3 hours walking through shops trying to find a bathing suit that she liked, felt comfortable wearing and met the school's "no bikini" rule. Mind you, my daughter is 5' 4" and weighs about 105 pounds, and is all legs. She is the skinny girl who has the body other girls envy so buying a bathing suit should not be a problem. And yet? 3 hours, multiple dressing rooms with terrible lighting, one crying jag later and we still have no bathing suit. Sigh.

Earlier today I got an invite to go to the marketplace by Phat's. Misteria Loon, a designer that has occupied space in the Shengri La Marketplace had a soft opening of her new shop. You can check it out by TPing at this link. While I was there socializing I got this lovely red gown called Amaryllis. It has fantastic texturing, two different skirts both of which swooosh and twirl beautifully. For $399 lindens I think this gown is a steal. I bought it, put it on in seconds and was transformed into a princess.

This little shopping trip demonstrated yet again that SL shopping is superior to RL shopping. You can buy a couture gown by an up and coming designer and be able to say "oh yes I had a Misty gown back when nobody knew who she was" and it will cost you pennies. There is no need to walk for hours, no uncomfortable dressing room scenes, no tears. Too bad my daughter can't wear Misteria Loon's Amaryllis to the water park.

(please click through for a larger, detailed view of this lovely gown)


Tymmerie Thorne said...

OH! That does bring back memories! I hope your daughter is able to find something that makes her feel confident and pretty. I am sure you have checked everywhere for suits, but I wanted to suggest Land's End if you haven't looked yet. They have been having some free shipping deals, too. I find their clothes for girls to be very age appropriate and cute. And you are right, shopping is a dream in SL!

chestnut rau said...

Thanks Tym. Great suggestion.