There should be a rule about alcohol-driven blog posting

Today is a hot sunny day and we were out in the yard working on the pool so on a hot sunny day in two weeks or so we can shed our clothes and jump in shiny cool blue water. Today it looks a bit more like tea. Tea made with old leaves, a few sticks and, interestingly, my son's Yankee hat. But I digress.

My husband came inside and plopped himself on the couch saying it was too hot for him out there. Since he is having knee surgery on Thursday I know he stopped working because he was in pain. But I think the Y chromosome is somehow hard wired such that many men are not able to say "damn it hurts I am going to sit down."

From the comfort of the sofa my husband (who was merely hot and not in any pain at all) sent my son (who was not in any pain from the massive bruise he got at his lacrosse game today) down to the pool with a cold beer for me. What is a hot sweaty mama to do? This mama drank that lovely micro brew in about 2 minutes. As you can imagine, my excitement about taking off the pool cover and raking up the detritus of last winter quickly ebbed and then faded completely. And so you get semi lucid blogging. As the title of this post suggests, there should be a rule against it. Bravely, with this long and nonsensical introduction as a disclaimer, I am going to say a thing or two about Second Life.

On the subject of land -- I cannot tell you how many mainland parcels I have seen for crazy high prices. Like $300k for a 4096? Really? I know you love your parcel. I know it is full of memories both happy and sordid. But seriously, it is not worth that much. It just isn't. Your memories are priceless but they are not somehow infused in the server space you call your SL land. I know this is harsh and I know you think I am wrong. However I will ask you to think about how much money you are flushing each month in tier as you wait to get your ridiculous price for your parcel. Get out your Excel spreadsheet and do a little math. I am really good with a spreadsheet so if you need help please IM me. I am happy to do it with you. If you really want to sell your land, set a reasonable market-driven price and it will sell. Probably in a few days. Trust me on this. If you want to talk to a land dealer who is honest (and who I adore) just let me know. I can hook you up. ok?

On the subject of performance art -- I really just cannot believe how much fun I had organizing the ZeroG SkyDancers performance for the Impossible in Real Life group. The music by ZeroOne Paz was moving, the dancers were lovely, the build and the choreography stunning and we sold out the house. Happy sigh. This show really does represent what is possible in SL and if you have not seen it yet you really should. They are closing soon and you don't want to miss this incredible creativity. (Another sad side effect of one beer posting is I am not going to seek out links or SLurls right now. If you want to know how to get tickets for the SkyDancers IM me in world or search my past posting here or on New World Notes.)

Hmm...I know there were a few more things I intended to spew about but again I seem to have lost my enthusiasm. I will leave you with a photo I took at AM Radio's newest build called The Red and The Wild. Like all of AM's work it is peaceful and calming and a strange enough to get you thinking "what is going on here?" I think each of us writes our own personal story about AM's builds just as we write our own stories in SL.

Cheers y'all. I am going to take a nap I think.

The Red and the Wild by AM Radio


Aki said...

On the topic of high priced parcels - I have to agree wholeheartedly, though if my discussions with many newbies is any indication, many are clueless about the true value of land and how to check fair market value.

So those lots tend to snag the newbies a lot, i think. Either that or the price is designed to reap a high reward for low effort (on the part of the seller). I've often found a dazzling place priced sickeningly high... only to be very glad later that I didn't give in. Most often, a nicer lot can be found, and for cheaper!

Also - those super nice lots that are overpriced? They tend to stay so for months on end, until the account holding em goes belly up and the land goes purple on the map to signify an auction. At which point the absurd price originally placed on the lot is cranked way down.

In any case, I hope you found the place you were looking for. Land shopping can be fun, but also highly frustrating, especially on the mainland.


Lauren said...

This is a wonderful blog, drink more. My son has his Yankee hat. After the divorce I lost the pool (though my building has one and maintenance keeps it immaculate. Zero G Skydancers was awesome. And AM Radio's new build was a blast. How do you manage it all girl. Do you have the new Apple, "Igetitdone' program running...many hugs...

Lauren said...

oops...forgot to say....the high prices you see on mainland are brought to you by dreamers and investment bankers.