Harbinger's Haven is a Fantastic Place

I am a slow builder. I think and think, ponder, wait, walk around, stand there, go shopping for hair, stand around staring at the water. Then I build whatever it is in short order. Either I am waiting for inspiration or I am perking ideas. Not too sure what is going on in my head but that is usually how building works for me.

Today I was engaged in the standing around and shopping part of the build process. I started thinking about textures and ended up at Harbinger's Haven. It occurred to me that not everyone knows about this cool place and you should. I think learned about Harbinger's Haven via a Torley video. I can't really remember but since I learned most everything from Torley video's when I was new and I have known about Harbinger's forever, I am going to make that leap. Not that it really matters.

When you go to Harbinger's Haven you will find tutorials on content creation in different formats in addition to step by step instructions for a variety of projects. There is a great sandbox that has been quiet (read no griefing or idiots) every time I have been there. My favorite reason to visit Harbinger's Haven is they have tons of free, full perm textures. From fabric to wood, stone, brick, house parts like doors and windows to crazy sci fi textures you will find them at Harbinger's Haven. Its just a great resource for anyone who builds. So, if you didn't know about it before, now you do.

One more thing -- if building gets frustrating and you need to relax for a while you can get out your fishing pole. Perhaps you will catch some inspiration for your build.

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thanks for the insight