Oh yes! It's naked time!

Marnix started a blog meme wherein he asked people to post "nekkid but tasteful butt pics."

I have a real funny feeling about posting this naked picture of myself, but I am going to do it anyway. Because in true Chestnut-style the simplest things make me think and ponder and in true Chestnut-style I am not going to do that alone. Oh no. I am going to blather on here on teh intranets so hopefully one or two of you will nod your heads and think "that woman is nuts" or "hey that woman might have a point."

So for your gawking pleasure, here is my naked behind wearing skin by Curio, hair by W&Y, and a tattoo by Aitui. I am pretty sure the pose is by LAP, the sim is Oubliette and I used a Torley preset, a tiny but of PS, and a few minutes of my time. My point in listing all of the creators is not to pretend that I have suddenly become a fashion blogger. My point is everything you see in this photo is bits of code resulting from creative work done by a lot of people. And yet? It feels like I am posting *my* naked body and now *you* will see the image as Chestnut's naked body. It's pretty, no?

I remember way back in the dark ages when I played Tiny Empires. (haha - dark ages - get it? I crack myself up.) JellyBean Madison was Queen and I was in her line. There was a lingerie party because, of course, partying in your underwear was a very normal thing back in the Dark Ages. Ok, probably not. I think it was because the dude who threw the party was looking to hook up so he invited everyone to his castle so he could see all the women half naked. I remember being totally uncomfortable being in a large group of people wearing lingerie, dancing and joking as if it were a normal evening.

Why *is* that? Why does sharing my pixel body make me feel uncomfortable? It really is the strangest thing isn't it? It just goes to show how much we humans identify with our avatars. The subject of avatar identity is so complex and, for me, endlessly interesting. So tell me, do you prance around naked without a care or does pixel nakedness feel vaguely uncomfortable for you as well?

Is that what you had in mind Marnix? How did I do?


Isle Lunasea said...

Nicely done, Chestnut. I will ahve to do one later today too, just so you aren't standing out there alone :)

It is pretty amazing the way we emotionally identify with that bit of pixels that feels like ourselves.

I remember the first time I accidentally nekked'd myself in a store as a n00b, I thought I was clever, so I dragged a folder of boots on myself after I bought them, to find that suddenly that was all I had on.

I screamed outloud and tried to crouch and cover myself, in my chair infront of the laptop! Lol's now, but then, I had a panic fit.

Funny how things change :)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

That is such a pretty, classy picture Chestnut! I posted mine, too. But like you, I felt a bit weird about it. Feeling that way shocked the hey out of me because it is not like I have not had racy pictures of myself on my blog before. This is the first completely nude one, so maybe that is it?

Chase said...

Very lovely work, as always.

And I could go on for days about avatars & our connections with them. I've done extensive studies, you see. Well, I've studied a lot of other avatars...extensively. Oh wait, I mean...oh never mind. Really, this is a topic that I have much thought on.

Botgirl Questi said...

Little "but" of Photosop? :)

Dale Innis said...

It's pretty, yes. :)

Which is to say, you're pretty.

My continuing theory is that we identify with our avatars in SL for nearly (just nearly!) all of the reasons that we identify with our bodies in RL. So many things make more sense when I think of it that way!

I keep meaning to post about that...

chestnut rau said...

Laughs really hard....Thanks BG! I cannot fix that little slip up can I?

Anonymous said...

So I would guess that your discomfort with prancing around in your underwear means that you won't be giving me competition as a pole dancer any time soon?

chestnut rau said...

Well Anonymous, I am not prone to pole dancing so I am not likely to present any competition naked, in lingerie or any other way. So breathe easy.

I am uncomfortable, I think, because I (the human)identify so closely with my avatar and for both of us prancing around in public in various states of undress is not our norm. We are both mostly introverted and a bit shy. A shy blogger who just posted a naked photo of herself? Yeah, well, I said this avatar identity stuff is complex and interesting.

Marnix Malifozik said...

You did good, Chestnut. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Very brave of you, Chestnut, and you did it with style and class. I agree with Dale and think we do identify with our avatars - very much so. They are our virtual statement about ourselves to the rest of the virtual world whether or not there is any actual resemblence to our real selves.