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For those of you who are not members of the ImpossibleIRL group I am posting "The Manual: Second Life Edition" which was sent to the group today. Read more at the NPIRL blog. Enjoy.

The Manual:
Second Life edition

Use the Twitter tag #manual to share any outcomes from these micro-projects.

1. Fill in your profile.

2. Sit on the ground in a circle and play word association with some friends. (e.g. Say a word in response to the word just spoken by the avatar on your right.) When you get bored, look back through the chat window and copy your favourite two words. Build a chair or chairs based on these words. Use for meetings.

3. Go on an outing. Hit the mainland with friends and pretend to be tourists. Find a beach and relax. Buy some souvenirs, take some snapshots and put them on your mantle-piece. If you haven't got a mantle-piece, build one. And a fire place.

4. Gather at 8pm this Thursday night. Dress up in suitable attire. Share any drunk animations that you have in your inventory. Search for a disco event and hit the town.

5. Find some gesture animations and practice using them somewhere on your own. Work out a physical comedy routine and perform it to your friends.

6. Find a freebie stall on the mainland. Grab 12 small objects that have something in common. Arrange all of your objects into a sequence.

7. Build one or more of the following:
The beginning of the world
The end of the world
A self-portrait that includes your full body
Something that happened at breakfast
An image from a recent dream
Something that has yet to happen to you

8. Start a cult. Establish rituals. Create a meeting place. Meet.

9. Take 10 close up 'crops' of your friends and make into a mini-exhibition.

10. Keep a journal of your dreams. Recreate your favourite ones.

11. Bake a virtual cake. Have a tea party.

12. Ask ten questions of everyone you meet.

13. Make an optical illusion.

14. Design a hat for the 21st Century. Design one for the 1st Century. Have a hat party.

15. Invent the Second Life equivalent of Mornington Crescent.

16. Build one or more of the following types of tree:
realistic tree
surrealistic tree
typographic tree
tree of life
family tree
naughty tree
musical tree
people tree
tree for sale
fruit of knowledge tree
tree into toe won't go
tree of oblivion
tree from hell
symbol tree
science fiction tree
love tree
snakes and ladders tree 
monkey puzzle tree

17. Think of a word.
Google it.
Click on the most intriguing link.
Copy the most intriguing word on that page.
Google it.
Click on the most intriguing link.
Copy the most intriguing word on that page.
Google it.
Click on the most intriguing link.
Copy the most intriguing word on that page.
Google it.
Click on the most intriguing link.
Copy the most intriguing word on that page.
Google it.
Click on the most intriguing link.
Copy the most intriguing word on that page.
Typeset all 6 words and apply them to each side of a movable, physical cube.
Repeat the above exercise so that you have 2 dice.
Invite some friends over and throw the dice. Have a conversation based on the two words that face up.

18. Make a time-lapse film of a busy sim.

19. Start a political movement, or join an existing one.

20. Ask a friend to describe their earliest memory.
Build something which illustrates this memory and show it to your friend.
Ask them to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10.

21. Open any book and randomly point to a word. Start building something in response to that word. Make sure each object in your sculpture has full copy & modify permissions enabled. Select all of the objects and take a copy. Open the profile of one of your friends. Drag your object from your inventory onto your friend's drop box. Send them an instant message asking them to modify and add to your sculpture and send it back to you. Modify it and send it back to them. Repeat until you feel the object is finished. If you do not know how to do any of these things, then find out.

22. Create a 6 object sequence relating to the word 'Red'.

23. Meet up at dawn.

24. Make a 10 second film entitled 'Panic' using snapshots taken in-world, and some video editing software. If you need actors, use your friends. Publish it on YouTube.

25. Using freebies found on the mainland, create an assemblage to illustrate the title 'Home'.

26. Interview and take snapshots of a strange avatar. Get their permission to copy the chat-log and use their image. Create a square portrait using one of your snapshots and a square typographic piece using the chat-log text. Apply to either side of a square, flat prim. Drop a copy to your subject.

27. Go to your bookshelf and pick up a novel - any one - don't think about, just reach and grab. Open to the first page and the first line. Read it and then go into SL and take a snapshot to illustrate it.

28. Over the course of two weeks, collect all of the packaging from the food you have eaten. Photograph or scan this packaging and apply each texture to flexi-prims. Litter the land with them.

29. Take head and shoulders 'straight on' portraits of your friends. Using PhotoShop, swap their facial features around to create five new characters. Invent a name for each new character. Add the name to the picture and apply to a prim.

30. Collect all of the menus that come through your door, and all of the flyers that you get handed over the course of a week. Photograph or scan and apply to prims. Build a door with a letterbox. Arrange them on the floor next to the door.

31. Build a sculpture which demonstrates the connections between you and all of the people you know. This may represent hierarchy, age, relationships, commonality, geography or something else. Include your Second Life friends.

32. Build something that represents one or more of the following words: Ouch | Clang | Sizzle | Squeal | Bump | Thwack | Smash | Oof | Screech | Bang | Crunch | Splat

33. Go somewhere on the mainland and draw what you see (with a real pencil on a real piece of paper). Apply to a prim and display it in public.

34. Volunteer to help an in-world charity. No need for any output. Just feel good about it.

35. Build the story of Jack and Jill.

36. Take an album cover and reconstruct it using objects. Take a snapshot of the final outcome and format it as a 12 inch album sleeve. Display it next to your objects.

37. Invent a game that can be played by avatars. Display the rules next to this game. Play the game with your friends.

38. The tangram game: build a tangram animal out of prims.

39. Find out the first jobs of your friends. Create the outfits that they might have worn. Change into a different outfit each time you log-in.

40. Decide on roles and titles for each of your friends. Some suggestions: Leader | cleaner | handyman | builder | spokesperson | clown | baby | alpha male | alpha female | whiner | Dad | wino | Mum | cook | etc. Make outfits that suit the role and wear them.

41. Make a gallery. Display your 'real' work, whatever that might be.

42. Google 'How to make a t-shirt in Second Life'. Make a t-shirt. Give a copy to all of your friends.

43. Find a virtual train on the mainland and take a ride. Take snapshots of whatever catches your eye.

44. Build a house. Rent out rooms to friends who can't or won't build their own house.

45. Find the oldest object you can, and take a photograph of who made it. Walk across the old mainland, taking a photograph of each sim you cross as you do.

46. Go to the mainland and find someone. Ask them to suggest somewhere better to go than where you are. Teleport there. Take a snapshot. Find someone else. Ask them to suggest somewhere better to go than where you are. Teleport there. Take a snapshot. Find someone else. Ask them to suggest somewhere better to go than where you are. Teleport there. Take a snapshot. Find someone else. Ask them to suggest somewhere better to go than where you are. Teleport there. Take a snapshot. Find someone else. Ask them if this is the best place in Second Life.

47. Make a hexagon with only two prims.

48. Make a sphere smaller than 0.01m3.

49. Who can fly the highest? What is a 'Flight Feather'?

50. Use every single attachment point.

51. Find somewhere in Second Life that you know in Real Life. Take two identical photographs.

52. Take a photograph of another avatar from the other side of a sim.

53. Go and find the Crooked House.

54. Attend a musical event. Attend a talk. Attend a fashion show. Go to a toga party. Attend a '101' class.

55. Find a piece of work by two of the following artists: Seifert Surface | Robbie Dingo | Starax Statosky | AngryBeth Shortbread

56. Take a panoramic photograph.

57. Take exactly the same photograph every day for a week.

58. Find the oldest person you can. Interview them as if for one of the following: Heat; Maxim; The Guardian.

59. Recreate a movie poster.

60. Get a Linden Bear.

61. Pretend to be something you're not. What will you choose? Why? Does it matter? What's the reaction of your friends? Document what happens.

62. Get a pet. Make a home for your pet.

63. Why doesn't it rain?

64. Make a typeface using as few prims as possible. Typeset the first line from a novel with it.

65. Recreate an Escher print.

66. Get your photo taken with 100 other residents.

67. Convince someone else to sign up to Second Life.

68. Make a poster advertising an event.

69. Make as accurate as copy of your bedroom as you can. Spend all day in it.

70. Build and set off a domino run. Film it in progress.

71. Make a digital clock (that works).

72. Take a building and make an accurate copy. Demolish it.

73. Create 4 cube prims and use them to illustrate the following words: order | playful | tension | congested | increase | bold. Take a snapshot of each configuration.

74. Play primtionary - the prim version of pictionary.

75. Make a newspaper about what you did in a week. Make it as high-brow or as low-brow as you like.

76. Change your skin, change your gender, change your species. Buy a skin and a shape of the opposite gender or a try something more left-field - a furry, a cartoon character? Dress yourself well. Pick five words to describe how it feels.

77. Buy a pose - a posture - something you would not normally adopt in RL. Now go out and drop into conversation with another avatar. Adopt the pose. Did you get a reaction?

78. Take a snapshot of you and your friends using 5 modes of transport in Second Life.

79. Find or create a series of poses for the following words: grovel | fight | caress | migraine | hallelujah. Go out and start a conversation. Drop each word subtly into the chat and use the poses.

80. 24hr scavenger hunt. Find as many of the following items as you can: a fish | a beachball | a megaprim of any kind | some bubblegum | scissors | an elephant | a shiny skull | buddha | a gun | a working cog array | an EU flag | a number of ducks | a sheep | a rocking chair | seven dwarves | a violin | Constantinople | a trampoline | a clown | the pyramids | a human brain | a book you can read | ten pins and a bowling ball | a chess set you can play | identical twins | a cup of tea | a map of Swansea | George W. Bush | a 17th century wig | a Pina Colada | a folding chair | an interactive whiteboard | a girl called Linden | Second Life | bookshelves | a key | Batman | a die than you can actually use | a working clock | an apple | Tuesday | a small dog | a shop mannequin | a wheelbarrow | an abacus | an escalator | an aeroplane | a cloud | headphones. If you can't find them, build them.

81. Subvert your profile.

The Manual is a collection of micro-projects created by lecturers from the School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design at Leeds Metropolitan University. This version was adapted for Second Life by Ian Truelove as part of the JISC funded Open Habitat project, and includes contributions from:
Aidan Winterburn | Jen Conway | Jessie Young | Dave Beckitt | Jo Hassall | Margarita Perez-Garcia | Ian Truelove | Andrew Wilson-Lambeth | Clive Egginton | Casey Orr | Mick Marston | Grieg Johnson | Liz Noble | Liz Stirling | Chris Bamford | Johnny Briggs | Ben Hall | Graham Hibbert | Steven Warburton | Marion Harrison

The Manual: Second Life edition is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.

This edition released February 2009. View the latest version at


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