Come to the SL Opening of Drama Dolls!

My friend Honour is opening a new store called Drama Dolls. There will be two parties to celebrate the Opening tomorrow Wednesday July 1, featuring brilliant blues man Von Johin. The first show is at the Euro friendly time of 11:00 am SLT. The second party will start at 6:00 pm and rock on for 2 solid hours. Honour is a proud Canadian and tomorrow is also Canada Day so if you want to join us for that reason alone please do! TP from this link.

So what is Honour selling? You probably know her from her fantastic trees and plants which I have blogged about before and you will see at both of my parcels. This time Honour has taken her artistic eye in a completely new direction. Why don't I let her tell you all about it herself?
Welcome to Drama Dolls!

Please note that all of our dolls are multi-lingual and will operate in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portugese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Norwegian.

Did somebody cheat on you? Were you insulted or offended by another SL resident?

Did you experience DRAMA?

It happens unfortunately.

Well Drama Dolls is here to help you get a bit of what you deserve in return - at the very least you are owed an apology!

Pick a Drama Doll that you can use to represent the individual who did you wrong. There are different price ranges, levels of detail, number of animations, types of dolls - something for everybody.

We have macho types, the girl next door, elves, vampires and more! We even have Fuginistas - you know .... those people who like to make fun of you on their blogs because they don't like your skin/shape/clothes. :)

We have the Doll you need to get closure move past this traumatic experience!

Take your Doll home - you will find detailed instructions and 4 copies of the Doll in your inventory. 3 of those Dolls are fully scripted and will give you the acknowledgement and apology you so richly deserve. Once the Doll has apologized it will disappear - quite dramatically! :)

The 4th Doll is not scripted but you can keep it as a reminder of your apology.

Now take a look upstairs! Do you know somebody who needs a hug?

If you are looking for positive Drama (because it does exist) we have DollCozies. You can purchase a Doll, name it and give it a message you'd like to pass to your friend/lover/partner/spouse. Your Doll will give them a Hug and your message.

Some DollCozies have flowers in their hands. Your folder will come with a pot of matching flowers you can also give your recipient.

Please enjoy your visit to Drama Dolls! Check back often for our new additions. :)

Cheers, Honour McMillan
The dolls are creative, funny and oh so clever. Here are some examples.

The doll above is one of the fuganistas that Honour mentions in her note. She is well proportioned, has no bling and if her prim toes do not match her skin I can't tell because her subtle earth toned gown covers them. She does have prim boobs which are a definite NO but at least she does not have a watermelon butt. Next time your photo appears in a blog with a strip over your eyes, now you can get a proper apology from your Drama Doll.

This doll cracked me up. A blogger! Watch out -- her camera is fast and she will not hesitate to name names. Behind the blogger is a kajira doll and next to her is a neko doll. You will find royalty, furries, vampires, elves, drows, dolls that look like the avatar next door and many more. I have one particular request for a Drama Doll. I want one that looks like a certain SLceleb blogger who really should apologize to about half the grid. I think it could be a big seller.

Anyway, come by the opening party and check out these dolls. I love them and I think you will too.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG! Those are great!! ROFL!!!

Eva Bellambi said...

Oh these are fantastic! I hope I can make it to the SLT evening opening and party.

It occurs that perhaps the Victorian doll is missing. :)

Raven Haalan said...

Hehe. That is so fun! Will try to make the party, but will for sure check it out!

Lizzie Lexington said...

OMG I need those dolls in my life.

Honour said...

Thank you Ches! I should note that the Fuginistas are wearing facelights - I'm just not sure if that's a good or bad thing. :)